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    Free optional language learning modules

      Royal Holloway has very limited and very poor language options, with the fees for "Languages for All" being a turn-off to everyone excited to learn a language. Almost all of the best universities in the UK have some scheme in place where you can enroll in a free language course and take it alongside your modules. This needs to be implemented here, as I think the price is unreasonable and it is quite notably missing. The fact there is no free option for language learning puts people who are less well off financially at a disadvantage, as many courses, especially in further study, require a language to fully achieve your very best. For example, History (my subject), offers no language option... What if you really have enjoyed your module on German history and decide you want to go into this in further study, so you look at taking it but see the price and then have to decide not to pursue what you are passionate about. Myself in particular, I am interested in Late Antique and early Medieval history but Latin and Greek are only taken as modules from the classics department, and you have to know beforehand when picking modules to factor this in, and if not, you lose your chance. Do take this into consideration, as the addition of free language options would really make a lot of students very happy, and add to both the equal opportunity and the academic community around campus.
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