8-12 January 2024 

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week 2024 brings exciting events, education and raising awareness about alcohol and drug usage. The main aim of this campaign is to create a healthy, inclusive culture and give students strategies to help reduce the harmful impact of drugs and alcohol.

From sharing our top 10 ways to enjoy yourself sober to opening up discussions to Mocktail Making - we've planned a week of information and activities to get you thinking about your relationship with drugs and alcohol.

As your SU, we want you to feel safe on and off campus. We know that sometimes it can be easy to feel pressure to drink more than you want to and we know alcohol and drugs can get in the way of your relationships or studies.

We're here with a reminder that you're not alone. If you're concerned about your or a friend’s drug or alcohol use, you can talk to someone, in confidence, without worrying about getting in trouble. Remember you always deserve support. You can seek help from any of the support services listed below. 

Community Coffee Crawl
8th January 10am - noon
Meet at Crosslands
For Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week, get your coffee fix and chat with your Community Officers as we take part in a crawl across campus! Join us for the entire time or meet us when it suits you!
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Open Mic Night
8th January 6pm - 8pm
Tommy's Lounge
Ease into Refreshers with an open mic night in Tommy's Lounge! While you're there, why not grab one of our alcohol-free options from the bar?
Bars and Nightlife | Free | Music and Film | Give It A Go | Night | Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week
SU on Tour: Drug and Alcohol Awareness
11th January 10am - 2pm
Emily Wilding Davison Building
Have you ever thought about tracking how many units of alcohol you drink per week? Or, making use of drug testing kits? We're going on tour to give you the lowdown on how you can keep yourself safe.
Campaigns | Free | Alcohol-free | Day | Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week
Mocktail Making Masterclass
11th January 3pm - 4pm
The Packhorse
Join us over at The Packhorse for an afternoon of delicious delights! We're learning how to make the perfect mocktail with our expert mixologists behind the bar.
Campaigns | Alcohol-free | Day | Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week
Sober Alternative Social
12th January 9pm - 11pm
Windsor Building
We don't need alcohol to have fun! Head to the Windsor Building for a sober night out with us.
Campaigns | Free | Alcohol-free | Night | Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week

The Impact of Alcohol & Drugs on Mental & Physical Health

Thu 11 Jan 2024

As a university student, you are likely to face various stressors and challenges while studying. While it's okay to unwind and relax, it's crucial to be mindful of how our choices, especially regarding alcohol and drugs, can affect our mental and physical health.

Let's Stop Sober Shaming

Thu 11 Jan 2024

It's time to foster a culture that embraces diversity and respects individual choices. Sober shaming has no place in our campus community. Let's work together to create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Tantalising Alcohol-Free Tipples

Wed 10 Jan 2024

Feeling thirsty? Whether you're having a drink at home or in our venues, here's a list of lip-smacking drinks to tickle your taste buds.

Super Simple Natural Endorphin Boosters

Wed 10 Jan 2024

Feeling a bit stressed or in need of a pick-me-up? Most people turn to alcohol or other substances when they are feeling like this in an attempt to change their mood. However, it's best to try and shift your mood in a more natural way such as boosting your endorphins!

10 Fun AND Sober Things to Do Around Egham

Mon 08 Jan 2024

Hannah and Nisha share 10 SOBER ways to enjoy yourself in Egham.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week 2024

Mon 08 Jan 2024

SU President Hannah and VP Wellbeing & Diversity Nisha have teamed up to bring you Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week from 8-12 January 2024. The campaign aims to create a healthy, inclusive culture and give students strategies to reduce the harmful impact of drugs and alcohol.