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09/10 - 24/11

Here at the SU, we want to make sure you're living the healthiest life you can. The #HealthyU campaign promotes just that- healthy living. We all know how important both mental, and physical health are, as we'll be putting on a series of events and workshops to provide you with a few extra opportunities to look after yourself. From healthy diets to exercise, from relaxation to empowerment, we've got you covered.


#HealthyU is back this year and ready to help you relax and de-stress from the daunting prospect of exams and essay deadlines as well as making sure you're keeping your body in tip-top shape. It's also important to remember that being healthy looks different for everyone!


This term's #HealthyU focuses on women in male-dominated sports and the challenges that they may face being active at Royal Holloway. Keep your eyes peeled on the events coming next week, from a free lifting session for women to sports taster sessions!


Stay tuned for future events.