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It’s no secret that exams can cause a fair bit of stress for a lot of people. So now more than ever, it’s important that you take care of your wellbeing; get a good amount of sleep, eat well and drink plenty (of water).

To help you with that, and to crack down on stress, every year we run the Stressbusters campaign during the third term to give you a break from revision and to try out some fun activities. We’ve got a great mix of events, so there’s something for everyone to get involved in. The ever popular Petting Zoo will make a comeback, along with mini massages, cupcake decorating and beginners cross stitch.

Plus, there’s no need to feel guilty for going off to do another activity when you could be spending that time revising, since studies show that giving yourself breaks during revision help you to be more productive with your time when you come to revising!

So to avoid burning yourself out, make sure you pace yourself. No one can revise every single hour of the day, so give your mind a well-earned rest and join us for a few weeks of stress-free activities.


Fruit 'n' Water
23rd April
Emily Wilding Davison Atrium
Free fruit and water at the library!
Mindful Meditation
23rd April
The Chapel, Founder's
Enjoy our free 30 minute mindful meditation sessions.
Yoga - Free Class
23rd April
Gowar and Wedderburn Common Room
A free yoga session as part of Give It A Go and Stressbusters.
Mini Massages
24th April
Tommy's Lounge (Students' Union)
The ultimate stress-buster is back! Free five minute massages at the SU.

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