22 - 28 February 2021

Sustainability is one of the most important issues facing our generation, it is vital that all of us come together to take action and improve our sustainability. This campaign is looking to you as students, to understand what you want to see improve regarding sustainability at Royal Holloway, both immediately and over the next few years. We will then take your feedback to the University to help inform the development of a new sustainability strategy. Over the campaign week there are events to get involved with and blogs to read, all focused on the wider sustainability picture and how this impacts us at Royal Holloway. I look forward to seeing you at the events, and hope you get involved with the campaign as much as possible! If you have any further thoughts or questions, please get in contact with me at president@su.rhul.ac.uk.

Kate Roberts, SU President

Sustainability survey

If you want to have your voice heard in the development of the new sustainability strategy, make sure you fill out the survey we are running this week (it should only take five minutes).

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News & Updates

Union Shop Cuts Plastic Waste

Fri 24 Sep 2021

The Union Shop is committed to continually finding new ways to be more sustainable and make as little impact on the planet as possible. We’ve introduced some new initiatives so you can help play your part!

The SU and the Environment

Thu 25 Feb 2021

In the latest blog for her Seeking Sustainability campaign, President Kate Roberts considers what role the SU has to play in sustainability, discussing what steps have been taken so far and how you can get involved to enact change.

Seeking Sustainability: Climate Action Society

Tue 23 Feb 2021

In this guest blog for the Seeking Sustainability campaign, Climate Action President Cosmo Cattell calls for more students to join the fight for a sustainable world.

Universities and the Environment

Mon 22 Feb 2021

As she launches into her Seeking Sustainability campaign week, President Kate Roberts discusses universities and the environment, considering what role they have to play, and in what areas they should be enacting change.

Sustainability Campaign Launch

Fri 19 Feb 2021

President Kate Roberts tells you all about the launch of her new campaign, Seeking Sustainability. Find out how you can get involved to help us better understand what students want when it comes to improving sustainability at Royal Holloway and help inform the development of a new sustainability strategy.



Panel Discussion: Universities and the Environment
24th February 6pm - 7pm
Explore why universities should care about sustainability, how sustainability should be a collaborative effort with the student body, and what practical action institutions can take to promote sustainability.
Sustainability Stories with Mya-Rose Craig (a.k.a BirdGirl)
25th February 6pm - 7pm
As part of President Kate Roberts' Seeking Sustainability campaign, join Mya-Rose to hear about her sustainability story and her work on diversity in climate justice.
Netflix Watch Party: A Plastic Ocean
26th February 6pm - 8pm
After discovering the world's oceans brimming with plastic waste, documentary filmmaker Craig Leeson teams up with diver Tanya Streeter and an international team of scientists and researchers to investigate the pollution's environmental impacts.