Collectives & Executives

Each academic year, you get the chance to elect eight Collective Convenors and ten members of the Societies, Sports and Opportunities Executive.

Collectives are autonomous bodies of self-defining students formed to represent traditionally underrepresented groups. Each Collective is chaired by three convenors, apart from both of our Postgraduate Collectives who have six (one per school). The convenors are responsible for overseeing any campaigns and/or activities ran by the collective, as well as engaging relevant student groups where necessary. The convenors from both of the postgraduate collectives also act as school reps for their level of study.

Student Executives are committees of student representatives that guide the work of the Union and the Officers throughout the year. Running campaigns, holding the relevant Officers to account on their manifesto pledges and working with their peers to make change across the campus, members of an Executive are in a prime position to have input on a wide range of issues. Each Executive is chaired by a full-time Sabbatical Officer, supported by student representatives from student groups, our academic reps, and Student Collectives.

Student Collectives

There are eight collectives:

  • BAME
  • Commuting
  • Disabled
  • International
  • LGBT+
  • Postgraduate Research
  • Postgraduate Taught
  • Women

To be eligible to run in the election to become a convenor, you’ll need to make sure you are a member of it first. Only full members of a Collective (i.e. those who self-define into the individual groups) are eligible to run in the nomination and/or vote. Visit the Collective pages to find out more and get your free membership!

Student Collectives

Student Executives

There are three executives:

  • Education
  • Societies, Sports & Opportunities
  • Wellbeing, Community & Diversity

The membership of the Education Executive and the Wellbeing, Community and Diversity Executive are formed from roles being elected elsewhere (either in the Academic Rep Elections or the Collective Elections) so check out those elections if you’re interested in taking part in their remits.

There are up to ten places available in the Societies, Sports and Opportunities Executive. To be eligible to run in the election, you must have a valid Student Opportunities membership and be a paid member of a student group.

Student Executives