Not sure if running for a Sabbatical Officer position is for you? Maybe we can persuade you with all the amazing benefits you’d receive should you win! Click on the boxes below to expand them, and make sure to have a look at the Officer role descriptions for more information.

Salary: £24,084

Sabbatical positions are full-time jobs, complete with the pay and some tasty benefits to match. 

Sweet holidays

You'll get 22 days holiday, plus bank holidays and an extra seven days at Christmas. You also get your birthday off. Just saying.

Free TOTUM card

Get access to great student discounts and take advantage of the amazing opportunities this card gives you.

National discussions

You'll be participating in national discussions on higher education and student representation.

Changing campus

As a sabbatical officer, you will have the ability to make tangible change on campus, and fulfil the needs of students across the University.

Unique experience

As a trustee of the Students’ Union, you will have direct decision making power when it comes to the strategy of a large organisation.

Smashing campaigns

You'll be leading on high impact campaigns, from sexual health awareness to BAME representation.