Candidate Question Time.

The elections candidates for 2021/22 have been finalised, and now it's your chance to really get to know those running for our full-time Sabbatical Officer positions, as well as the part-time School Rep and NUS Delegate roles. This year, we're moving everything online and hosting an event for each role between Monday 15 - Friday 19 March, where each candidate will be quizzed on their manifestos, what they hope to achieve, and how they plan on going about it.

Key dates

Voting opens
22 March 2021

Voting closes
24 March 2021

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You can watch all of the events live on Zoom - simply click the links below and we'll see you there!

Monday 15 March (18:00 - 20:00) - School Reps / NUS Delegate

Tuesday 16 March (18:00 - 20:00) - VP Societies & Sport

Wednesday 17 March (18:00 - 20:00) - VP Wellbeing & Diversity

Thursday 18 March (18:00 - 20:00) - VP Education

Friday 19 March (18:00 - 20:00) - President


School Reps / NUS Delegate

03:30 - Introduction (Kate Roberts, SU President)
04:23 - NUS Delegate
17:24 - School Rep (Business and Management)
24:39 - School Rep (Humanities)
31:37 - School Rep (Law and Social Sciences)
36:17 - School Rep (Performing and Digital Arts)
41:02 - School Rep (Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

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VP Societies and Sport

00:07:37 - Introduction (Kate Roberts, SU President)
00:09:39 - Lucy Brown Opening Statement
00:12:15 - Kayleigh Fryer Opening Statement
00:15:35 - Alex Parry Opening Statement
00:18:06 - James Shannon Opening Statement
00:21:29 - Evie Skyrme Opening Statement
00:24:20 - Question One - What will you do to support student groups?
00:34:21 - Question Two - What will do you to ensure more effective communication of important information with committee members?
00:43:20 - Question Three - How will you re-engage students in students groups after the impact on student experience over the last year?
00:52:18 - Question Four - Do you believe that societies and sports get equal opportunities, support, and recognition through the SU? If you disagree, what will you do about it?
01:01:00 - Question Five - How do you think the pandemic will affect the running of student groups and activities, and what will you do to improve it?

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VP Wellbeing and Diversity

08:30 - Introduction (Kate Roberts, SU President)
10:21 - Alice Finnegan Opening Statement
12:47 - Alice Goode Opening Statement
16:25 - Question One - What more does Royal Holloway need to do for mental health?
20:03 - Question Two - No one individual can represent all identities of all students, so what would you do to bridge this gap?
24:45 - Question Three - What is your number one priority for Wellbeing and Diversity for the next academic year?
29:26 - Question Four - How would you support students to safely enjoy social life on campus?
34:15 - Question Five - This year there have been a number of high profile incidents that have happened on campus, what should harassment reporting processes and support look like?

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VP Education

06:30 - Introduction (Kate Roberts, SU President)
08:39 - Rida Haider Opening Statement
10:56 - Maia Jarvis Opening Statement
14:12 - Sathwik Pajjuri Opening Statement
16:35 - Niamh Smith Opening Statement
19:15 - Question One - What does decolonisation mean to you, and what could it look like in practice?
25:25 - Question Two - This year has seen a massive shift in how we receive our education. This presents some real opportunities for the future. What, in your opinion, could education look like in the future?
31:40 - Question Three - How would you ensure effective representation and engagement with the postgraduate community, both on and away from Egham and London campuses?
37:22 - Question Four - How will you work with School Reps to foster inter-school relationships within the Academic community?
44:17 - Question Five - As VP Education, you will be heading up academic rep conference which takes place annually. Each year focuses on a theme, what would your focus be for conference 2022?

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05:25 - Introduction (Kate Roberts, SU President)
07:00 - Luke Barrowman Opening Statement
10:30 - Alissa Chohan Opening Statement
13:30 - Remi Gruszka Opening Statement
16:51 - Henn Warwick Opening Statement
20:05 - Question One - All candidates are running with broadly similar ideas. What makes you different?
25:39 - Question Two - This year has seen serious social issues arise on campus, from ableist, and racist social media attacks to transphobia. What will you do to ensure such issues are treated with the severity they deserve, and how will you work to dismantle this culture on campus?
33:15 - Question Three - What should be the main priority for the campus to become more sustainable?
39:03 - Question Four - What does accountability for the President look like to you?
44:50 - Question Five - A significant amount of changes were made across the University due to the impact of the pandemic. As we move into the next academic year, what would you keep and what would you change?

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