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Co-President, Societies & Media

Pippa Gentry


Hi, I’m Pippa, your Co-President, Societies & Media. I’ve just completed my degree studying English and Drama after three long years of glorious student life. After I read every book and play ever published, I decided to get involved in the Union, firstly in MTS and the performance societies, then pulling your pints behind the bar before moving on to Union Chair and a (very regularly injured) member of Women’s Rugby. I had an incredible time as a student and now I get to spend the next year giving back to the amazing students here are Royal Holloway and helping them have as great a time as I did!

In my role, I’ll be…

  1. Working with societies and media groups to help them develop their committees, engage more members, pursue new ideas and carry out new projects.
  2. Helping RAG with fundraising ventures of their own and connecting them with student groups to work on group projects.
  3. Encouraging students to get involved with our societies and media outlets to help them gain skills, meet new people, and (most importantly) have fun!
  4. Working with the other officers and staff on events throughout the year such as Freshers’ Festival, Socs Ball and all of our campaign weeks like Give it a Go, One World Week, and Stressbusters.

How to contact me...

I'm located in the open plan office upstairs in the Students' Union. My door is always open so drop in anytime or you can always send me an email or tweet me @pippagentry.

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