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Co-President, Sports & Development

Steff Milne


Hi I’m Steff Milne, your new Co-President, Sports and Development. I've just graduated with a 2:1 in Music and have been involved in the SU throughout my three years at Royal Holloway. The SU helped make my university life a lot more fun and enjoyable through sports and societies - not to mention the SU on a Wednesday and Friday night! I’m super excited to get as many people as possible involved in sport at all levels and to be able to help make the sporting scene at Royal Holloway bigger and better! See you in September!

In my role, I’ll be…

  1. Representing students’ views in meetings with the College, local community and at a national level.  
  2. Making campus more FUN with our huge range of sports!
  3. Developing opportunities for students to get involved in volunteering, coaching and officiating.
  4. Ensuring the Students' Union continues to operate at a sustainable level as a member of the board of trustees.

How to contact me...

I'm located in the open plan office upstairs in the Students' Union. Pop up for a quick chat about or you can get in touch via email or on Twitter @Steff_Milne.

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