Students' Union, first floor

A bit about the role

The Students’ Union President is the Chair of the Board of Trustees, sits on the highest decision making committee at Royal Holloway, College Council, and is the figurehead of the Students’ Union.

They lead on key campaigns and are heavily involved in all major strategic projects that will directly impact the lives of students on campus.

A word from jack

Hey everyone, I’m Jack and I am your Students’ Union President.

Throughout the year, I represent your views to the University and lobby for the change that matters to you, as well as overseeing a lot of what goes on within the SU.

I work on how we as a Students’ Union engage with you, the students! Following on from the Democracy Review, I will be establishing new and exciting ways to engage with all students on campus and making sure that we are the representative voice of students at Royal Holloway.

In addition to this, I work on various campaigns to make your student life better. This year, I am looking to work with the College on implementing a new Wellbeing Strategy, as well as leading on some key pieces of research.

These research areas are going to include gaining a better understanding of how we can support postgraduate students, and compiling a fully researched Student Voice Report on careers support at Royal Holloway – and how we can all make it better.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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