Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts


About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Kate and I am your Students’ Union President.

My role is to represent your views to the University and lobby for changes to improve student life at Royal Holloway. I also have a large role in the Students’ Union’s governance, overseeing many of the things that go on here at the SU.

Engagement is a significant part of my role and something I will be focusing on more this year. We are the representative voice of students on campus, and we want to make sure that you as students feel represented by your SU and feel a part of what we do.

I also work on various campaigns lobbying for change that matters to you. This year I will be looking at inclusivity, sustainability, and supporting students with any potential upcoming changes associated with the Coronavirus pandemic.

I will be leading a key piece of research this year, launching a policy inquiry into student housing. This will produce a Student Voice Report detailing areas of improvement within housing support that we can use to better support you and lobby the University for change.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

The Role

The Students’ Union President is the Chair of the Board of Trustees, sits on the highest decision making committee at Royal Holloway, College Council, and is the figurehead of the Students’ Union.

They lead on key campaigns and are heavily involved in all major strategic projects that will directly impact the lives of students on campus.

What I'm Working On

Latest Blogs

House Viewings: Know What To Do

Wed 25 Nov 2020

Next up, for our mini-series of blogs in celebration of Housing Week, we'll be giving you all the tips and tools to help you work your way around house viewings, ensuring you're treated fairly and know what questions to ask, whether you're the one viewing the house, or the one expecting viewers in your current home.

Policy Inquiry: Student Housing

Mon 23 Nov 2020

"If you could change one thing about your housing experience, what would it be?" As we kick off Housing Week, President Kate Roberts is launching a policy inquiry into student housing to better understand the issues students are facing in University halls, private halls, and rented accommodation in the local area.

Test and Travel: Your Choices

Fri 20 Nov 2020

The University has today announced their plans for mass COVID-19 testing on campus, in order to ensure that those who wish to travel home for Christmas can do so. It’s important that you understand the choices open to you and the impact that this testing regime will have on your academic experience as we head towards the end of term.

Reflecting on Black History Month and Looking Forward

Fri 06 Nov 2020

After an incredible Black History Month, President Kate Roberts and VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick reflect on the different events put together throughout October, and the work that we as a Students' Union will continue to do beyond this month in order to create an anti-racist culture.

Self-isolating at Royal Holloway

Tue 13 Oct 2020

The University provided an update on Tuesday on the number of coronavirus cases amongst the student and staff population at Royal Holloway. President Kate Roberts provides you with a quick and clear update on the process around self-isolation if you test positive or develop symptoms while on campus or in the local area.

One Week Into Black History Month

Fri 09 Oct 2020

For Black History Month this year, we have come together with nine other students’ unions across the UK to bring you a fantastic series of webinar panels with a huge number of brilliant guest speakers. President Kate Roberts tells you how the first week has gone, and how you can get involved!

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