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Students' Union, first floor

As a second year Sabbatical Officer and your returning Students’ Union President, I have gained additional experience and skills to ensure I represent all of your voices to the best of my ability! I’m incredibly excited to be able to spend another year in an organisation that has provided me with so much support over the years and very much become the community hub on campus. Having been involved in a range of societies, clubs and roles throughout my time as a student, I have a broad awareness of student needs. But I want to hear your ideas over the year in order to fill in any gaps and allow me to make sure that both myself and the SU as a whole are supporting you all to the full.

In my role, I’ll be…

  1. Enabling students to engage more with national and international issues, campaigns and politics whilst running an information campaign on what the National Union of Students does for students all over the country and encouraging involvement with them and their resources.
  2. Kick-starting an ‘SU on Tour’ initiative which will involve frequent slots when SU staff and sabbs are placed in busy locations on campus to hand out information, allowing students to approach us with questions, concerns or feedback in a personal and informal setting.
  3. Conducting a full and extensive formal review of our entire democratic structure, including All Student Meetings, our three Councils, Committees and the processes by which all of these operate. The aim of this review is to help us work out the best way to streamline this element of SU operations and increase engagement in/efficiency of democratic procedures.

How to contact me...

I'm located in the open plan office upstairs in the Students' Union. Pop up for a quick chat about or you can get in touch via email or on Twitter @mufasabarrett.

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