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Hello! I’m Clem, and in March 2017 I was elected RHSU’s first Vice President Education! The introduction of this new sabbatical officer position this year is part of the Students’ Union’s commitment to improving your educational experience at Royal Holloway. During my time studying Drama and Theatre Studies here, I was passionately involved in the Students’ Union as a course representative, seeking to make positive changes for those on my degree programme. In my second year, I was the department representative for Drama, Theatre & Dance, responsible for ensuring that the educational aspirations of all undergraduate students were collated and represented at termly Staff/Student Committee meetings. This year, I hope to continue to empower students to make positive changes within their academic departments, and to lobby the College on larger educational issues facing students.

In my role, I’ll be…

  1. Improving the course rep system. Each academic department at Royal Holloway holds termly Staff/Student Committee meetings where elected and SU-trained course representatives can discuss issues about their courses with staff members. Along with other SU staff, I’ll be undertaking a major piece of research reviewing how effective our current system at actually enabling course reps to make positive changes within their departments, with the aim of creating a formal action plan that will act as a road map for the course rep system for the next three years.
  2. Making education council more meaningful. RHSU’s three councils (education, equalities and opportunities) have been established to discuss and agree policy positions on issues that matter to Royal Holloway students. I hope to work closely with an elected Education Committee of students to facilitate a termly education council in which students feel empowered to make positive changes to their educational experience here.
  3. Support you during stressful times. We’ll be running a Stressbusters campaign in January and March to help you get through your deadlines and exams with a minimum of distress, as well as being on hand to provide support with any academic issues you may face, such as needing to apply for extenuating circumstances.

How to contact me...

I'm located in the open plan office upstairs in the Students' Union. Pop up me an email or on Twitter @clemsaj.

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