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Maia Jarvis

Vice President Education

About Me

Hi, my name’s Maia and I’m your Vice President Education!

As VP Ed, I will communicate your academic interests to senior staff and turn student feedback into concrete change in order to give you the best teaching and learning experience.

Throughout the year, I will amplify the concerns of students in college meetings, work closely with academic reps and listen to their feedback, and deliver campaigns that enhance your educational experience.

I aim to centre student voices in the transition out of the pandemic and ensure that the benefits and increased accessibility brought about by COVID measures stay.

My plans for this year include revamping the Personal Tutoring system to ensure that all students receive comprehensive support, implementing the recommendations from the Joint Honours Insight Report, and increasing academic peer support by bringing Writing Cafés to more departments. I’m sure many exciting ideas will be put forward by students this year and I can’t wait to put your suggestions into action!

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming an academic rep and helping other students, feel free to get in contact!

The Role

Not only is the Vice President Education the Deputy President of the Students’ Union but they also sit on a number of high level committees including Academic Board where the academic strategy of the College is decided.

Alongside this, VP Education sits on the Union’s Board of Trustees. They work on campaigns aimed at improving the academic experience on campus and have a real impact on the academic rep system, empowering students to make change on their courses and within their departments.

What I'm Working On

Latest Blogs

UCU Announce Strike Action

Fri 19 Nov 2021

Photo of VP Education Maia Jarvis stood in Windsor Gap with Founder's Building in the background

VP Education Maia Jarvis gives you an update on the recent announcement from the UCU that there will be three days of strike action from Wednesday 1 December to Friday 3 December.

Tackling Racism in Higher Education

Thu 11 Nov 2021

Our officers are bringing an exciting opportunity to your attention! Santander has launched a new course to educate everyone in higher education, Union Black: Britain's Black cultures and steps to anti-racism. Pssst... there are scholarships up for grabs for those who take part!

What shall we do about UCU?

Mon 08 Nov 2021

Photo of VP Education Maia Jarvis stood in Windsor Gap with Founder's Building in the background

VP Education Maia Jarvis calls for your feedback on what the Students' Union's stance should be after members of the UCU's Royal Holloway branch recently voted in favour of strike action.

Mental Health Student Focus Group

Tue 19 Oct 2021

Back in the summer, a group of students, the sabbatical officers and Helen Groenendaal (Head of Student Advisory & Wellbeing) met to discuss mental health at Royal Holloway and the quality of support provided by the University. Find out what was discussed and what action is being taken off the back of it.

Action on the Horizon

Thu 14 Oct 2021

VP Education Maia Jarvis blogs about the recent announcement from the University and College Union (UCU) that they will open two ballots to ask members to vote with regards to strike action.

Why Should You Become a Course Rep?

Wed 13 Oct 2021

You've probably heard all about our academic representation system by now but VP Education, Maia Jarvis, is here to tell you about why you should become a course rep.

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