Henn Warwick

Nisha Bundhun

Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity

About Me

I’m Nisha and I’m your VP Wellbeing and Diversity.

I am very passionate about promoting wellbeing and diversity on campus and I am excited to start working with the students at RHUL to ensure they all feel supported represented and valued on campus. 

My plans for 2023/24

  • To plan events and activities such as cultural fairs, speaker events, and workshops that highlight the experiences of underrepresented student groups such as disabled, BAME, and LGBTQ+ students.
  • To regularly seek feedback from underrepresented student groups to understand their experiences and identify any areas for improvement.
  • To work with the University to develop targeted outreach and recruitment programmes aimed at underrepresented groups.
  • To campaign for student rights by working closely with the University and to make sure that students' interests are effectively represented.
  • To enhance and expand mental health support on campus to make the service more accessible.
  • I will also work to raise awareness and remove the stigma around mental health through awareness campaigns/events around campus.

I am aware of how important a student’s sense of belonging and wellbeing on campus is so I will work hard to ensure all students feel happy, included, and safe.

The Role

With a focus on liberation campaigns, mental and physical health provision and general wellbeing issues, this role forms a key voice for campaigning on campus.

Sitting on the Union’s Board of Trustees, VP Wellbeing & Diversity spends time working closely with students on campaign delivery while ensuring the Union is delivering on its strategic plan.

What I'm Working On

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