Henn Warwick

Henn Warwick

Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity

About Me

Hi, I’m Henn, your Vice President Wellbeing and Diversity.

Throughout the year, I represent the best interest of all students and help to improve wellbeing, equality and inclusivity within the SU and the College. My role is to engage with you, the students! To promote your voice and ensure accurate representation is upheld.

I do this through: working on campaigns, raising awareness of particular issues on our campus and wider society; empowering the Collectives, ensuring their voices are represented and heard; promoting the information from the Advice Centre to assist students through particular issues; sitting on University committees including Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

I lobby the University to make changes that matters to you, and to improve your wellbeing and overall student experience.

If you ever have any questions and want to reach out, please do! I am here to support you.

The Role

With a focus on liberation campaigns, mental and physical health provision and general wellbeing issues, this role forms a key voice for campaigning on campus.

Sitting on the Union’s Board of Trustees, VP Wellbeing & Diversity spends time working closely with students on campaign delivery while ensuring the Union is delivering on its strategic plan.

What I'm Working On

Latest Blogs

Join the Fight to Make Mental Health a Priority!

Thu 04 Mar 2021

As we celebrate University Mental Health Day, VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick and Mentality President Milo Dack discuss the importance of talking about our mental health.

Let's Talk About Female Masturbation

Fri 19 Feb 2021

2nd Year Law student Rachel Harvey opens the door for open and honest discussion, exploring why women masturbate, types of orgasm, how to masturbate, and some great advice on getting started.

Let's Talk About Emergency Contraception

Wed 17 Feb 2021

Using emergency contraception is nothing to be ashamed of, so why is it so stigmatised? VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick goes through the different types of emergency contraception, and how to use them.

Let's Talk About Abortion

Tue 16 Feb 2021

As part of her Let's Talk About Sex campaign, VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick looks to open up dialogue on abortion, including information on accessing an abortion, methods of abortion, aftercare, and important changes as a result of Covid-19. The article also highlights the danger and illegality of self-induced abortion - reader discretion is advised.

Let's Talk About STI Clinics

Mon 15 Feb 2021

Going to a sexual health clinic can sometimes be daunting and you may feel embarrassed, but there is no need. Sexual health services are confidential and non-judgemental, all staff will do their best to make you feel comfortable. Find out all you need to know about STI clinics.

Let's Talk About STIs

Mon 15 Feb 2021

With any type of sexual activity, unless flying solo, it's important to know the risks to your sexual health. As part of her Let's Talk About Sex campaign, VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick takes it back to basics with STIs, going through the different symptoms, and how they're spread and treated.