Henn Warwick

Henn Warwick

Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity

About Me

Hi, I’m Henn, your Vice President Wellbeing and Diversity.

Throughout the year, I represent the best interest of all students and help to improve wellbeing, equality and inclusivity within the SU and the College. My role is to engage with you, the students! To promote your voice and ensure accurate representation is upheld.

I do this through: working on campaigns, raising awareness of particular issues on our campus and wider society; empowering the Collectives, ensuring their voices are represented and heard; promoting the information from the Advice Centre to assist students through particular issues; sitting on University committees including Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

I lobby the University to make changes that matters to you, and to improve your wellbeing and overall student experience.

If you ever have any questions and want to reach out, please do! I am here to support you.

The Role

With a focus on liberation campaigns, mental and physical health provision and general wellbeing issues, this role forms a key voice for campaigning on campus.

Sitting on the Union’s Board of Trustees, VP Wellbeing & Diversity spends time working closely with students on campaign delivery while ensuring the Union is delivering on its strategic plan.

What I'm Working On

Latest Blogs

Reflecting on Black History Month and Looking Forward

Fri 06 Nov 2020

After an incredible Black History Month, President Kate Roberts and VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick reflect on the different events put together throughout October, and the work that we as a Students' Union will continue to do beyond this month in order to create an anti-racist culture.

RH BeHeard: Report An Incident At University

Thu 29 Oct 2020

After a number of years of campaigning by previous Sabbatical Officers, the University has launched an online incident reporting platform called RH BeHeard. VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick tells you all about this platform, and about the work that we will continue to do to ensure even more steps are taken.

Collectives: Drive Change at Royal Holloway

Fri 11 Sep 2020

VP Education Alissa Chohan and VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick are excited to tell you all about Collectives, groups of students that provide opportunities to support various communities on campus.

NUS Lead & Change Conference 2020

Fri 07 Aug 2020

Last week, the Sabbs spent time connecting with other Officers from across the country at Lead & Change - a virtual training conference run by the National Union of Students (NUS).