Drugs and Alcohol.

On this page you can find information about different types of recreational drugs, their effects, their risks, and how to safeguard yourself should you choose to take them.

The Students’ Union has adopted a harm reduction approach to recreational drug use. This means that whilst we do not condone drug use, we understand that some students may choose to take drugs anyway. In this instance, we wish to support students who take drugs, to take them in a safe way to reduce the risk of overdose or additional mental or physical health complications.

Please use the information and resources provided on this page to improve your understanding of all aspects of drug-taking and find out where you might be able to find support in case of emergency, should you wish to support yourself or a friend to reduce your use.

The University's approach to recreational drug use is that they do not condone the use of drugs within the student population, on or off-campus, and will take appropriate punitive measures to prevent the use of drugs. You can find out more about the University’s approach to drugs here.

Know the risks What to do in an emergency Information for supporters/carers Where to find support Drugs and mental health Dosing and mixing