Thursday 24 March 2016

09:00 - 03:00


Easter Blowout ft. Greg James

It's the last day of term. It's Summer Ball launch day. It's the bloody Easter Blowout and we've only gone and bagged Greg James (from BBC Radio 1) to headline! Don't say we don't ever treat you. 

This year we've teamed up with Club MTV and Lucozade Energy as part of the Pimp My Summer Ball national competition which will see the winning university given a whopping £50,000 towards their Summer Ball. We're pretty keen to add an extra 50 grands worth of activity to this year's Summer Ball so we need you to get fully behind the competition and get tweeting the hashtag #PimpMySummerBallRHUL (yeah we don't think it's too long either).

As part of the competition we'll be running a whole bunch of additional activity at this year's Easter Blowout which we'll announce in the near future. For now though here's a picture of the dashingly handsome Greg James.

Also, Domino's will be outside from 2-3am selling pizza for £1 a slice!