Blog: A Look Into Islamic Society

Giving to those less fortunate is a fundamental aspect of being a Muslim, so much so that Zakat (donating a portion of one’s wealth to charity) is one of the five pillars of Islam. The compulsory act of charity reminds us to remain humble and be generous with what we have, as a form of self-purification.


Last month, Royal Holloway’s Islamic Society took part in Charity Week, an annual event where universities across the globe raise money for the charity organisation Islamic Relief. The slogan for this year’s Charity Week was ‘let’s grow together’, a message about achieving unity sustainably, which was reflected in the events held. We hosted a henna night, where girls of all backgrounds were welcomed to have their henna done, socialise and buy sweets and homemade cakes. We also took part in the 10K Hastings Hike  in collaboration with several London universities, including UCL, St Georges, QMUL, Brunel and Middlesex. By the end of Charity Week, a total of £1126.29 was raised by Royal Holloway, going towards the whopping grand total of £507,825.74 raised by all London universities.



Inspired by the lingering spirit of charity, a bake sale was held to raise money for the devastating famine crisis in Yemen. Society members generously volunteered their time and effort to bake goods and help run the sale. A total of £350 was raised in just three hours,  showing what can be achieved when a group of individuals come together with the objective of helping those in need, embodying the true meaning of one Ummah (community) in Islam.




We work hard to reward our members with fun socials throughout the term. We had over 100 people attend our Freshers’ Festival Welcome BBQ, and the girls are invited to netball sessions every Wednesday in Waterloo with other London ISocs. In addition to football tournaments, bowling socials and meals at Nando’s, our Muslim students have the opportunity to learn more about lessons of the Qur’an during weekly Qur’an circles held in the prayer room by PhD students and Hafiz Ubaid Ur Rehman, who covers valuable teachings that are beneficial to our daily lives as young Muslim university students.

As a society, we are incredibly pleased with the turnout of events so far and our goals for 2019 are to continue growing as a community and to provide a safe space for Muslims to practise their faith. We thank all those who actively take part in Islamic Society, as nothing we do would be possible without the support of our members!


Maryam Shahid // Secretary, Islamic Society