Ain't Nobody Got Time for Tax: The Sequel

If you’re a returning student, you might remember our Council Tax campaign from last year. Well, we’ve got some good news for you – it’s back, and we’re still pushing for justice.

Here’s a quick update for those that missed it: when you hit third year, you’ll finish your studies at some point in June, after which, the council in their esteemed wisdom, have decided that you’re now a fully financially stable adult and have to pay council tax. This is despite the fact that you have yet to actually graduate, and it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll have a job just yet. We think this is not only unfair, but also it puts you at a disadvantage entering the working world. Which is why we’re campaigning to stop it.

We’ve already sent over 100 letters signed by students straight to the council, but alas nothing. Now we’ve gone a step further. Another letter, this time signed by Willow Wong, VP Welfare and Diversity, and Paul Layzell, College Principal, directly to the CEO of Runnymede Borough Council. It’s a united front, showing that it’s not just us fighting here – it’s the University too.


Read the letter


Below is a video of Willow Wong posting the letter, and we’ll make sure you’re always in the loop as to what’s happening. We want to campaign on issues that affect you, and we’ll keep fighting for you, no matter the odds.