An Introduction To South East Asian Society

The South East Asian Society (SEASOC) is an inclusive cultural society that provides a welcoming environment for individuals to share their love for the culture. The society runs events throughout the year that allows students to engage with likeminded individuals and share their passions for vibrant cultures, cuisines and traditions. These events are advertised through the society’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.


Learning: Pictured are the students who took part in the 5 week Beginner's Indonesian Language Class


For the taster session, the society ran a Vietnamese spring roll making session in Medicine. The taster session allowed new students, who had an interest in joining the society, to meet the committee members and have their questions answered. At the same time, they were able to meet and interact with other students who had the same interest and start new friendships.

The Give It A Go programme ran language lessons and the SEASOC took part in this by offering a 5-week Indonesian Language Class for Beginners. The course was taught by Irina Ishan (President) and Amy Wooster (Events Manager), with the help of Keren Tomasoa. This was a success as 11 students signed up for the course and even cooked Indomie (a popular brand of Indonesian instant noodles) for their last class.


Social: Pictured are a group of students enjoying and representing their countries at the SU's Come In Your Socs night


The socials held so far have been a great success. The first event was a food social where desserts and drinks were prepared by the committee. The hot and cold drinks provided were Teh Tarik and Bandung, both of which are popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. For the desserts, Onde-onde and Leche Flan were served. Onde-onde is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore and Leche Flan is a traditional dessert from the Philippines. The society was also involved with Come in Your Socs event held at the SU where members came dressed in 90s getup. The most recent social was a movie night where students watched Crazy Rich Asians with drinks and snacks provided. The upcoming social will be a Christmas dinner social at Eat Thai in Egham. Although SEASOC targets students of South East Asian heritage, anyone is welcome to join and take part in events!


Cuisine: Pictured are a group of students prepare some delicious Vietnamese spring rolls, fresh and ready to eat.

Irina Ishan // President, South East Asian Society