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The Southeast Asian Society (SEASOC)'s vision is to provide a place for individuals to share their love of Southeast Asian cultures in a warm and welcoming environment. Here, students appreciate SEA cultures through games, festivals and freshly prepared traditional cuisines.

This society builds upon the foundation of integrating international students into the UK environment. It aims to foster lasting bonds between current SEA students of Royal Holloway and their alumni.

We encourage everyone from all backgrounds to join the diverse family of SEASOC, so that we can share our passions in the vibrant cultures, cuisines, traditions, and ideologies of SEA nations.


Purchasing a membership to our society will give you free entry or a cheaper price to our events compared to non-members. Membership price: £7.00 to all our events. Non-members will need to pay £1.00 per event.

Events and Activities

Join us on our biweekly events! Events will be held in social distancing measures. Some events may need to take place in term 2 when social distancing can't take place (i.e. food day)

  • Netflix Party
  • Picnics to Virginia Water
  • Online Pub Quiz
  • Food Day
  • Games/ Virtual Games Day
  • Social Nights
  • Movie Nights
  • Karaoke Nights

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  • South East Asia - Standard Membership£7.00
Event Manager
Louise May
Hanna Hafizan
Keizar Rashad
Social Media Manager
Maria Ligot
Reiner Rillo
Vice President
Natasha Wilson