Announcing Your December Rep Of The Month

After a long wait, we’re very excited to be back with our newest Rep of the Month!

We’ve had so many fantastic nominations, but there was one person who couldn’t go unnoticed and therefore should be recognised for their work. Fabio Baumeler, a course rep within the Information Security Group, has been very busy! From creating and collating responses submitted to a survey about the academic experience within his department, to picking up on outdated content in lecture slides, Fabio has made sure that the students on their course have had the best experience possible.

We caught up with Fabio earlier in the week to get the low down on his time as a rep.

Why did you want to become a rep?

It was a chance for me to stand in an election, which I had never done before. Having public attention within the MSc course and convincing people to vote for me, put me in the spotlight, which was a new and exciting experience.

“Apart from that personal challenge, it was an opportunity to have a positive impact and represent interests of a large body of people, which was also new to me and is a meaningful and valuable duty.”

What have you been up to this term?

I try to sound out what students are concerned with in informal chats during lecture breaks, lunch or anytime I speak with fellow students.

“According to my interactions this term, mainly three issues have emerged: project supervisor nomination process, outstanding feedback regarding some assignments and an expiration time for booked library rooms if students don’t make use of their bookings. All issues have been brought up in the second SSC meeting this term and staff has taken our improvement suggestions into account, where possible.

“As a result, improved communication on the part of the department should make the role of a project supervisor clearer and thus, destress the whole nomination process for the next student cohort.

“In addition to the SSC meeting, I have escalated the outstanding feedback regarding some assignments within the university to ensure the student body gets enough time to act upon the feedback before the upcoming exams. Lastly, to further strengthen the case for an expiration feature of booked but unused study rooms in the library, I have made the MSc InfoSec students aware of an ongoing Bright Idea, which will hopefully lead to the intended result.”

How do you see being a rep impacting on your future?

Overall, being a course rep has confirmed the importance of communication and constructive feedback to me. Especially, in a diverse environment with students and staff from different parts of the world, it is key to develop a mutual understanding. Engagement and empathy are traits I will try to continue making use of in the future when it comes to problem solving.

“Additionally, although it sounds like a cliché, I’ve experienced that one person can actually make a difference; and if those single individuals come together, they can make a big difference.”

What’s the best thing about being a rep?

For me, the best thing about being a rep is having a positive impact on others – no matter how big or small that impact may be.”

A massive well done to all of our reps for the amazing work that you do. You’ve been making a lot of positive changes and that is something that you should be proud of!

Don’t forget, you can find out who your course rep is by heading to our Find My Rep page and you can nominate your rep for Rep of the Month below! 

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Jack O'Neill // Vice President Education