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If you scroll a little bit further down this page you'll see a button which says "Submit an Idea". This little button is your key to the SU. It's the direct phone line to your officers. It's the call to action for all of us at the SU that something needs to change. All it takes is one small click, a bit of info, and a Bright Idea. 

We take your ideas for improving life on campus, in the Students’ Union and in your local community and bringing them to life. No idea is too big or too small and they can cover pretty much anything, from a new vegan line at Tommy's, to an SU wide campaign on maintanance fees. We'll guide you from start to finish, letting you take as much, or as little control over the campaign as you'd like.

So submit an idea using the button below and then share it with your friends and other students. When an idea reaches a critical mass we’ll begin working on making it happen! So get cracking and share your Bright Ideas today.

How does the process work?

The Bright Ideas platform is super simple to use. All you have to do is think of something you’d like to see implemented, summarize it in a quick, attention grabbing title, and then write a brief description expanding on what it is you want to do!

Once your idea has been submitted, it will be live for two weeks. During that time, other students can up vote or down vote your idea, as well as comment on it. Once your idea reaches 30 interactions, it might qualify for a Big Idea. More to come on that later. Otherwise, you’ll need another 20 votes to reach 50 interactions, at which point we’ll take action!

If you don’t make it to 50 interactions this time, don’t worry, you can resubmit in 3 months, or keep submitting new ideas! Even if you choose not to, we’ll contact the relevant people to see what can be done either way.

What is a Big Idea?

Does your idea affect a large number of people? Does it go beyond one localised area? Could it be made into a larger campaign? Then it might be a Big Idea! Big Ideas only need 20 interactions, and when they hit that, we’ll reach out to you and invite you into the SU to discuss how we could upscale your idea. From there we’ll work with you to deliver the outcomes of your idea, tackling the root of its issues.

Please note that in order to add a new idea you will need to login to the website via the button at the top of the page.

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