Samurai Retain Sports Kit Contract

Over the past five months, Royal Holloway Sport have been undergoing a process to acquire a new kit sponsor, following a successful four-year contract with Samurai Sportswear.

After a process that required the involvement of members from the Students’ Union, Active Lifestyle & Sport and College Procurement, we are happy to announce that Samurai Sportswear were once again successful, and will continue to supply the Bears kit for at least another three years.

The Process and Student Involvement

As I have spoken about in previous blogs, the process of selection was long, but students were always at the heart of it.

Before the advertising document was finalised and sent out to companies, the Students’ Union asked sports club members for feedback on the current playing kit to give us a steer on what we should be looking to improve going forward. The feedback collected from students at Student Opportunities council and Big Bears Wednesday was invaluable, so thank you to everyone who contributed.

In January we received seven applicants for the contract, and began a series of focus groups. These were aimed for members of different societies and sports clubs to come and try on potential new kits from suppliers and mark them on a variety of different aspects, such as sizing and material. We had a great range of groups attend these sessions, which helped us reach our final decision.

From here, the main panel individually marked each company’s proposal on a variety of areas – like ethical production, delivery time, price range, size and sustainability. This was a long process that spanned over a month, but was vital in ensuring the right decision was made.

After this long process we were informed by procurement in college that Samurai Sportswear were successful, and we will be working with them for at least the next three years. This is extremely exciting as we already have a good relationship with them and are now able to take it to the next step in supporting students!

What are the next steps?

We are now in the process of contacting committees of clubs and arranging orders to be made so that they arrive in September ahead of the upcoming season. It is imperative that groups submit their orders for new kit by Friday 26 July.

Keep an eye out on emails so you can keep up to date on the latest information being sent around. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for any further questions.

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport