Blog: NMUN Experience

National Model United Nations is an amazing experience provided by the Politics and International Relations Society here at Royal Holloway. This is a once in a lifetime experience for students to work on their diplomacy, improve their public speaking, visit the UN Headquarters in New York, and meet people from around the world.

After a rigorous set of interviews at the start of the academic year, we take students from all different backgrounds, levels of experience and academic disciplines, and provide them with six months of weekly training to make sure that they are the best they can possibly be.

How do I train for NMUN?

You will be given weekly assignments and UN Member States to represent on a variety of engaging and contemporary issues. In these training sessions, we will teach you how to do a diplomatic speech, how to write a UN resolution and how to work as a team. While these skills are essential for NMUN, they are also invaluable to many employers that look for individuals with good people skills, charisma and a work ethic to back it up.

These training sessions will allow you to get to know your team, we host socials after every training session to encourage the delegation to get to know one another, and one week before we fly out to New York, we hold one final social in London.

What happens in New York?

Once you’re in New York, after what will seem like one of the longest flights of your life, the hours of training and dedication that you’ve put in, all become worth it. Before your go into committee, you will attend an opening ceremony given by a figure in international politics, this year it was the German ambassador to the UN.

In committee you will be able to put all the skills you’ve learnt in training into practice and work with students from all over the globe to devise resolutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as ‘The Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory’, ‘Nuclear Disarmament and International Security’ and ‘Promoting Climate Resilience’.

During all this, there will be talks during conference from prominent UN officials, members and creators of NGOs, as well as figures from international politics. These talks are often accompanied with networking events and are brilliant for students looking to go into diplomacy or any kind of NGO work.

At the end of the conference you get to visit the General Assembly Hall for the closing ceremony. If you have been a part of any of the General Assemblies in conference, you will get to take part in an active GA style conference in the General Assembly hall prior to this. The closing ceremony has had some amazing speakers over the years, such as previous secretary generals and UN ambassadors. This is a brilliant way to round off an amazing experience.

Will there be time to explore the city?

After this you will have some much-needed downtime. You will be able to spend five days to with your co-delegates exploring the city of New York, as well as an included group meal, delegate dance and rooftop party!

NMUN is an unforgettable experience, and invaluable for any aspiring diplomats, NGO workers or those with a passion for international relations.

Josh Trood // NMUN Head Delegate