Blog: Orbital Flying The Flag For LGBT+ History Month

I might be biased but Orbital Magazine’s February issue has been extroardinary for so many reasons.

Not only is it the first issue in our 30+ year history to focus solely on LGBT+ issues, with the majority of writers identifying as LGBT+, but it is also one where we’ve had 23 external contributors to the magazine. At Orbital, we have a board (or committee) of 20 people that serve as editors, guiding and helping writers with their work. All of these board members work extremely hard editing and writing content for each issue, and for our website. It is absolutely amazing to have 23 people, some of whom have never before written an article for Orbital or at all, writing extremely engaging and interesting content for this issue.

The issue is titled ‘Born This Way: Show Your Colours’, with our cover feature concerning the controversy surrounding alterations to the Pride flag to be more inclusive. Orbital is dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, a notion that I highlighted on my manifesto when I ran to be Editor nearly a year ago. I’m so glad to have been able to fulfil my promise of giving LGBT+ people on campus the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the pages of THEIR student media outlet, as well as giving a number of LGBT+ people to write about issues that are close to their hearts.

We timed this issue to fall during LGBT+ History month here in the UK, a time where we reflect on the history of LGBT+ culture and discuss the strides that have been made as well as what else needs to be done. All of us at Orbital are extremely proud to be able to deliver this LGBT+ themed issue to you.

In recent years, there has been no more than 10 external contributors for any issue and it is a testament to the board’s hard work in finding contributors and working with them that we’ve been able to have 23 people writing (and illustrating!) for us. Thank you to everyone who has written for Orbital during my editorship and I look forward to seeing more exceptional work from you!

Grab a copy of the February issue – it is out now in all of your favourite campus hotspots.

Michele Theil // Editor, The Orbital