Broadband Nightmares

With all of the assignments and exams that you have coming up, we understand how fundamental a good access to the internet is for you. This is why we want to make sure you know what to do if the internet you’re paying for is not delivering.

Following years of complaints from customers, the UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, has announced that broadband and landline customers will automatically be paid compensation when things go wrong. Customers will not have to ask for the compensation, but must make sure they report the problem as soon as it occurs. Finally, there will be consequences for broadband providers who do not deliver the promised service, which should lead to improved customer experiences. So we urge you to start claiming and holding them to account!

How much will I get compensated?

You can see details about how compensation is calculated here, but the key point to remember is that some of the compensation is based on the longevity of the problem, which begins the day you report it. This means that you will not be compensated for any time before you report the problem.

Since last week, broadband customers can now receive compensation from their providers for the reasons stated below:

  • Delayed repairs
  • Missed engineer appointments
  • Delays with the start of a new service

So, if your broadband provider is letting you down, make sure you follow Ofcom’s guidance here to get the compensation you’re owed.


At the SU Advice Centre, we understand that dealing with problems such as a bad internet connection can be overwhelming, especially if you have no experience dealing with them, or if it’s exam season. If you need support or guidance in dealing with your internet provider, we are here for you.  Simply email us and request an appointment to talk to one of our advisors.