Career Conversations about Disability

VP Wellbeing and Diversity Alice Goode has been working with the Careers Service on the Disability Confident Moodle course for students registered with DNS. The course aims to enhance their employability through taking part in some training and a short work placement.

Since my Disability Awareness Week in November, I have been working with the Careers Service on their Disability Confident Moodle course for students registered with the Disability and Neurodiversity??????? team. The course aims for students to undergo training before taking part in a short work experience placement to develop their skills and enhance their employability.

As part of this I wrote a blog and recorded the accompanying audio on why I was starting to use LinkedIn more than Facebook – spoiler alert, it’s because LinkedIn can be so inclusive and you can curate your feed to be filled with disabled, Black, queer or trans professionals who are excelling at what they do and finding joy in it (something I haven’t been able to do or seen elsewhere). I found it to be a really powerful platform when I was trying to figure out what it was I wanted to do and what I liked – and have since found my next job through LinkedIn as well.

I then also went on to record two podcasts with Tracey Stuart from the Careers team about disclosing my disability to employers and the additional skills needed as a disabled professional. I absolutely loved recording these and had such fun chatting away with Tracey, who, by the way, is so so lovely and friendly, she put me right at ease. The podcasts have been entered for a College Teaching prize which if successful may be rolled out to support staff and students with their learning, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Check out the Careers portal on Moodle for loads more info and resources!