Celebrating Women's History Month

President of Feminism Society Sophie Bury tells us all about why it's important to celebrate Women's History Month.

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March is Women’s History Month, where we celebrate the lives of incredible women in history from around the world, and shed light on the achievements of those alive today.

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The existence of a Women’s History Month, which aims to remember the hidden stories of a historically marginalised group in society is contentious. Having the opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of minority voices that have often been erased in historical accounts is a positive thing, but it’s problematic to expect any campaign to deliver the entire complicated history of a dynamic community into a singular month.

Women’s History Month can be a great platform to educate and advocate for more intersectionality and inclusivity in the feminist movement. Choosing to remember a history that only celebrates the achievements of middle class white women does a great disservice to many women (both past and present) who do not come from a background of privilege. As such, we will be exploring the issues around representation this Women’s History Month.

How can I get involved?

The Feminism Society are running a variety of events across the month, ranging from a brunch social, to zine-making workshops and informative lectures on the political role of museums in portraying women’s history. We’ll also be sharing spotlights on our social media, highlighting the lives of some of our favourite women and non-binary people from history - if you have a suggestion for this, please get in touch!

Vice President Welfare & Diversity Willow Wong will also be hosting a discussion with Professor Katie Normington, Deputy Principal (Academic) at Royal Holloway to explore the importance of female leadership and gender equality in academia.

We hope to see you all in our events!

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Sophie Bury // President of Feminism Society