Changes To The Back Gate Opening Hours

Following a decision made by the College Executive, the back gate will no longer be operating on a 24 hour access basis from the 2019/20 academic year.

While the Union understands the Executive’s rationale for reducing access, we believe this decision is detrimental to student welfare and it is disappointing that it has come to this after we fought so hard to achieve 24 hour access for students who require a safe route to/from campus.

Through email communication, one-to-one conversations with residents/College staff and local community meetings, the Students’ Union has consistently defended the respectful and sensible use of the back gate by many of our members. But, despite repeated warnings and collaborative efforts by the Union and College to reduce noise, a small minority of students have unfortunately continued to paint the wider student body in an unrepresentatively bad light.

With that in mind, the College believe the impact on the local community living in close proximity to the back gate has been too significant and have opted to re-establish closed hours, which will see the gate locked at 00:30 each night and re-open at 05:00.

Student wellbeing will always be our prime concern as a Students’ Union, and we will be monitoring the situation to see how students are impacted by the changes when they come into effect from September, while working closely with the College on a number of initiatives to ensure students can get home safely such as out of hours parking on campus and longer operating hours for the campus bus service.