Christmas On A Budget

The chaos of Christmas is nearly upon us, and for many buying gifts for loved ones, partners and friends can be daunting. We've compiled a range of valuable tips and tricks to help ease your Christmas budgeting worries.

The chaos of Christmas is nearly upon us, and for many people buying gifts for loved ones, partners and friends can be daunting. In fact, it is estimated that we will spend almost £54,000 on Christmas presents during our lifetimes!

For students, the financial pressures of the festive season can become too much, making it hard to stick to a budget. In this article, we’re hoping to give you a range of valuable tips and tricks to help ease your Christmas financial worries.

Get budgeting!

Prioritising and planning your gifts in advance can be a great way to start your Christmas shopping. Set a specific budget for each person you’re buying a gift for, this will stop you from wasting your money on unnecessary gifts. It will also help you avoid last minute panic buying, which has actually been proven to cost you considerably more.

Housemates that plan together, sleigh together

Buying gifts for housemates can be a real headache, trying to figure out what to get and how much to spend can cause unnecessary stress. A way to avoid this from happening is by agreeing on spending limits with them. You might not all be able to spend the same amount, and by sticking to the same budget you’re ensuring that everyone feels comfortable with their spending and no one is left out.

If you’re thinking of decorating your halls and houses to feel more festive, a good idea would be to ask relatives or friends to lend you their decorations or to get them second hand online. This will help you reduce your costs, and you’ll get the extra bonus of helping the environment by reusing items.

Smart online shopping

With 42% of British people purchasing their gifts online, it is essential that you’re aware of the ways you can save on sites. If you’re someone who gets tired of searching through loads of webpages to find the perfect prices for gifts, using price comparison sites and price trackers, such as Idealo is great way to find the best price for products online, and save yourself a lot of time.

Gift cards are also a go to product if you’re unsure about what present to buy. However, the amount spent on these gift cards can add up. A tip that can prevent this from happening is using ebay to search for them, as a lot of the time they can be purchased at a discounted amount.

Is going to a shop even a thing anymore?

To a lot of people, the thought of physically going out to shop for presents and trying to battle the queues is not a nice one. However, this method of shopping can really help keep the costs down. Not only can you ease the stress by picking up a lot of gifts at once, but you can also physically see whether what you’re buying is actually worth the money.

Get crafty!

Creating your own presents from craft and household materials can really help you save those pounds, and it can make your gift much more meaningful and personal! We have a couple of creative events left this term, where you can really spend some quality time with friends and create awesome things to gift for Christmas.

On 21 November, Give It A Go will be running Crafternoon: Decorate Your Own Trinket Dish where you’ll be able to release your inner artist and create cute little storage places for jewellery, spare coins, keys or little items. But if you don’t think your friends or relatives will be into that, then you can’t go wrong with some personalised biscuits at Gingerbread Decorating on 12 December.

If you’re someone who values time spent with loved ones and friends, instead of buying presents, you could arrange a day out or a meal to help get you into the festive spirits.

We understand that Christmas can be an incredibly stressful period, with looming deadlines and multiple social commitments to attend, budgeting for presents can really cause financial anxieties.

That’s why we hope that some of these tips and tricks will help your Christmas be the season of good will!