Coming Soon: Academic Rep Conference

Throughout term one, your academic reps have been working hard to represent your academic interests across College.

We have over 350 reps in every single academic department who spend time ensuring that your views about how your education is created, developed and delivered is listened to, and acted upon, by your department. Already this year, reps have been doing some great stuff as highlighted in our 'Rep Impact' article, and more recently course rep Ali Tariq with his efforts that saw nearly £50,000 put back into students' pockets.

Academic Rep Conference

The academic rep system relies on students and departments working together to ensure that the education provided here at Royal Holloway is the very best it could be, which is why every year we run an Academic Rep Conference to provide a space for both students and staff to develop policy that will affect every part of campus.

This year, we’re recognising one of the biggest limitations of higher education – that this space is not equal for everyone who comes here.

There are many reasons for there not being a parity in provision. From having mini humans or other commitments to where you live during term time, to the language you speak primarily and the colour of your skin - these are just some of the barriers that can become a disadvantage when entering higher education.

It’s time we started to talk about them.

We’ll be running various workshops throughout the afternoon of Wednesday 30 January, built to either further train reps to represent all types of students or to give feedback on functions run by the University and Students’ Union to make Royal Holloway a more inclusive learning environment.

For more information, head to the Academic Rep Conference Hub