Coronavirus Update – 13 March

With the announcement on Thursday 12 March that the Government have moved into the ‘delay’ phase of their coronavirus (Covid-19) plan, and after consultation with the University, we have made a number of changes to our programme of events.


We have taken the decision to postpone this year’s Varsity event, scheduled to take place on Wednesday 25 March.

This is not a decision that has been taken lightly but faced with a public health event of such magnitude it is important we do all we can to protect the health and wellbeing of the campus community.

We are working closely with Royal Holloway Sport, the University of Surrey, and Surrey Students’ Union to find a new date during Term 3 that will allow the event to take place and will keep you informed about developments related to this.

If you have purchased an event t-shirt, we will be in touch regarding collection.

Union events programme

We will be making several changes to our late-night event provision, limiting the ability to purchase tickets to Royal Holloway students, and removing the ability for guest tickets to be purchased. For our non-ticketed events – Toast and MedWeds – these will be limited to Royal Holloway students and you will be required to show your Royal Holloway College Card on entry.

The events affected by these changes are:

Union Venue:

  • 13/03 – Pop ft. Soap
  • 18/03 – Flawless
  • 20/03 – Fetish Friday for the Amazon ft. French Society
  • 25/03 – Varsity Afterparty – This event will become a standard Flawless night
  • 27/03 – Easter Blowout


  • 13/03 – Reggaeton
  • 16/03 – St Paddy’s On Toast ft. Freshers’ Big Band
  • 18/03 – MedsWeds
  • 23/03 – Disney on Toast ft. MTS & AbHarm
  • 25/03 – MedsWeds
  • 26/03 – D&B

We have also opted to cancel a number of smaller events within our schedule to reduce the impact on resources across the University:

  • 20/03 – Techno
  • 27/03 – Afrobeats

The Packhorse events programme, Give It A Go and Market Days are currently all continuing to operate on a business as usual model.

Student groups

Guidance is going out to student group committee members regarding the ongoing support we can offer. Training and group activity on campus can still proceed as normal and is currently unaffected.

Groups who have committed to an overseas tour/trip that have yet to notify the Student Opportunities team should do so immediately so that we can provide assistance in the event a refund is required.


We continue to work closely with the University regarding our response to Covid-19 and will provide guidance as appropriate through our social media channels and via our website.

It is important that you continue to follow the Government’s advice with regard to handwashing, travel and the symptoms, and continue to monitor the student intranet and University social media for updates from the College.