Coronavirus Update - 2 November

Find out the latest news about our venues and services ahead of the national lockdown coming into force in England on Thursday 5 November. Includes some cracking drinks deals across our venues with draught beer from just £1!

On Saturday, the government announced a second national lockdown for England, with restrictions set to be in place from Thursday 5 November until Wednesday 2 December.

We're sure you have a lot of questions about what this means for our venues and services; our team is currently working extremely hard to work out all of the logistics and we'll be making a formal statement tomorrow to ensure you're kept up-to-date.

Our venues

In the meantime, our venues will continue to operate as planned from now until Wednesday 4 November. This means you can still grab a burger in Tommy's Kitchen, enjoy Two For Tuesday at The Packhorse, or have a few drinks with your mates at MedsBevs.

Don't let good beer go bad

We'll also be bringing in some drinks deals, with knockdown prices at all of our venues:

  • Medicine: £1 pints - Coors // Carling // Sharps Atlantic // Hop House, £1.75 - bottles of VK (both offers available Monday-Wednesday)
  • The Packhorse: £2 - all draught pints (Monday & Tuesday), £1 - all draught pints (Wednesday)
  • Tommy’s Kitchen: £1 pints - Coors // Sharps Atlantic, £1.75 - bottles of VK (both offers available Monday-Wednesday)

You may be wondering why we're promoting drinks offers ahead of the lockdown. Essentially, with bars and restaurants closing, we will have a load of stock that we're unable to sell due to it going out of date over the lockdown period.

This stock has obviously been paid for so if we don't sell it, that money is lost. As a charity, we have to protect our revenue and do everything that we can to claw back as much money as possible to fund vital services such as our Advice Centre.

If you are heading out over the next few days, please ensure you drink responsibly and follow the rules in place to keep everyone safe.