Day In The Life Of A Student: Ellie Matthews

Hello! My name is Ellie Matthews and I am a Third Year Physics student at Royal Holloway. This year has SERIOUSLY changed my perception of student life, but as time has gone along, I have been more and more impressed with the amount of stuff still happening.

My normal day starts early with watching pre-recorded materials and starting my weekly coursework sheets/quizzes. I am LOVING the new way lecturers are working. I can go at my own pace, take breaks, get comfy and not stress about making sure I get every word that the lecturer says down in one go. The quizzes are an easy way to track my progress, and with the time I have back (now there is little to no travel time) coursework is done on-time, or maybe even early.

All of my in-person teaching is done on the same day, so it’s nicely condensed. To be honest, I have started taking these lectures online and I have genuinely really enjoyed it so far. I still love going to campus every now and again though, even if it is just to remind me of how beautiful Founder’s is.

By about lunchtime I tend to have had a few meetings concerning my various roles on campus. This is usually to do with my role as Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences School Rep, where I get to talk to students and staff alike to try and improve the experience of as many students as possible. I have also recently gotten heavily involved with the BAME and Women’s collectives and I am hoping to do some really fulfilling work with them.

In the evening I like to get out and have a bit of a run around. This year I am in a little over my head having joined four sports teams – Netball, Rounders, Lacrosse and Hockey – but everyone has been sooooo nice, and I honestly wouldn’t change anything. Despite not being able to train together, the team feeling hasn’t gone away. Post-run pictures have become a must in the group chats.

Student media is also a huge passion of mine. Writing for The Founder has been something I wanted to do since before I came here and I am finally doing it! I was also lucky enough to get an editorial position with Orbital Magazine, which really blew my mind. So, on my “days off”, or evenings, I tend to set aside an hour or so to start brainstorming my next article.

So that is me in a nutshell. If you want to get involved in anything I have talked about please get in touch. It’s so important to get involved with things and practise good mental and physical health, this year more than ever.