End of Year Wrapped

We made it! To celebrate the last day of Summer Term, we're celebrating some of the amazing things that have happened this year!

Image of students at Sip 'n' Paint as part of our Black History Month campaign

We made it, and it's been quite a year! It's the last day of term and today we’re going to turn the spotlight onto some of the exciting stuff that you as a student body have been up to over the last academic year. 

A massive thank you to everyone who has been doing amazing work in educating, campaigning, or volunteering throughout the last year. Here are some of our highlights:

Term One

Right at the beginning of term, SU President Henn Warwick worked with the African-Caribbean Society (ACS) to organise a series of activities to celebrate Black History Month. The focus of the campaign was the national theme of Proud To Be. From a Squid Game Night (which wasn't as scary as it sounds) to the ACS Student Mingle: Rep Your Flag, there was a way for everyone to get involved. We used this opportunity to give the spotlight to our Black community with Shaniya Odulawa, Shanice George, Jade Goble, and Elliot Perlic sharing their stories/poems.

In November, Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity Alice Goode led Disability Week. Focusing on celebrating disabled joy and success, as well as raising awareness on disability issues and the lived experiences of disabled people, she hosted a variety of events such as the Disability Looks Like Me fashion show, to showcase the talent that exists within this amazing community!

Term Two

This term held two very important campaign months; LGBT+ History Month and Women's History Month! February was all things LGBT+, with plenty of events and articles to increase the visibility of LGBT+ people, their history, and the issues they face. The month’s tagline was ‘Claiming our past. Celebrating our present. Creating our future.', which was a chance to educate ourselves and others about the rich history of the community. As for March, we hosted a bunch of different events and campaigns organised to celebrate, empower, and uphold women throughout history and women today.

In March, 2497 of you turned out to vote in this year’s SU Elections – a turnout of 18.2%. You cast a whopping 12,368 electronic votes to elect who you wanted to see lead the Students’ Union in 2022/23.

And of course, after celebrating the fantastic work of our sports teams at Colours Ball, we got to cheer them on at our home Varsity against Surrey Stags. How did it go? Well, we won the mascot race! It was a great day with good weather and an even better atmosphere.

Term Three

Next, the spotlight fell on our societies and media outlets at Society Awards! The award ceremony smoothly transitioned into an after-party to remember. You guys work hard, and play harder!

Lastly, we elected a great team of Senior Course Reps who are in charge of representing students’ academic interests. This is one of the core purposes of the Students’ Union and links strongly to our strategic aim to improve students’ education. Alongside our other academic reps, they will be responsible for gathering feedback from students to provide to University staff.

It has been a great year of many successes, and we look forward to welcoming you all back again in September!