Executives: Getting Ready To Start!

They are finally here! After months of talking about them and you casting your votes, our Executives are officially ready for lift off.

Starting on Tuesday 5 November and running over three days, your Vice Presidents will be chairing meetings made up of your elected representatives.

To refresh your memory, Executives are like a cabinet for each of the Vice President Sabbatical Officer positions. They are elected students who can hold their respective Vice President to account, support the campaigns within that agenda and provide feedback.

For more information about the Executives, you should check out their pages below.

What are the Executives?

So, what are they up to?

Education Executive

The first Education Executive meeting of the academic year is being held next Tuesday 5 November. At their first meeting they will:

  • Discuss what the Executive priority campaign for the year will be
  • Receive a briefing on current work relating to the BAME Research project, the Careers Policy Inquiry and the PGR Policy Inquiry
  • Reflect on the recent Academic Rep and Collectives elections period and look towards planning our flagship annual Academic Rep Conference
  • Receive an update on the College committee structure following the academic restructure
  • Take a look at the plan for our Bright Ideas platform
  • Begin to plan for an Education Policy statement for the Students’ Union.
  • Receive an update on VP Education Kate Roberts’ work at every meeting and determine the Rep of the Month based on received nominations

As the Executive has scope to run its own projects and campaigns, they will be discussing and agreeing their annual work plan at this first meeting, detailing the exciting things the Executive will get up to over the academic year, so watch this space!

Wellbeing, Community & Diversity Executive

The first Wellbeing, Community and Diversity Executive meeting is being held on Wednesday 6 November. This meeting has a packed agenda, and we’re really excited to see what the Executive members think. They will:

  • Discuss the Union’s new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy, which is being developed over the course of this academic year
  • Attend a workshop led by President Jack O’Neill  and VP Welfare & Diversity Lucy Simpson  on the College’s Wellbeing Strategy, where members will be able to discuss what should be included and how we structure the strategy
  • Allocate funding for Collectives
  • Discuss what the Executive priority campaign for the year will be
  • Receive an update on the Bright Ideas platform

We have some really important pieces of work being discussed. Don’t worry though, everyone will get the opportunity to have their say on both of these projects later on in the year. We hope that all the members are as excited to get started as Lucy is!

Societies, Sports & Opportunities Executive

The first Societies, Sport and Opportunities Executive (SSO) meeting will take place on Thursday 7 November. In the first meeting, the group will:

  • Give general introductions to the group, and get right into it with Student Group ratifications
  • Outline what the Executive priority campaign for the year will be
  • Receive an update on the developing Student Group recognition award
  • Review this year’s student group funding process
  • Approve the new ratification and de-ratification process
  • Discuss the facility allocations that were given out before term started and the room booking process
  • Finally, we will review and sign off the various policies which have been implemented this year, such as the Socials Policy and Social Media Policy, and to update the group on the Bright ideas platform

Jack O'Neill // President

Kate Roberts // Vice President Education

Lucy Simpson // Vice President Welfare & Diversity

Sophia Bolton // Vice President Societies & Media

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport