Executives: What Have They Been Up To? Round Two!

Executives came back from 26-28 January for the second round of meetings with your VPs. They’ve been discussing the past few months and feeding into exciting plans for the future. Find out what they've been up to.

Executives came back for the second round of meetings with your VPs from the 26 and 28 January. They’ve been discussing the past few months and feeding into exciting plans for the future.

If you’re not sure what they are, effectively, Executives are like a cabinet for each of the Vice President Sabbatical Officer positions. They are elected students who can hold the Vice Presidents to account, support the campaigns within that agenda and provide feedback.

So what are they up to?

Education Executive

  • Provided input into the work Maia Jarvis, VP Education has been up to. This included work of Personal Tutoring, plans for LGBT+ History Month, and improving student relations with CeDAS.
  • Received great updates on the work of School Reps.
  • Leia Davies-Vale, School Rep (Life Sciences and the Environment) shared early plans for a project that can support underrepresented students to undertake postgraduate study. The discussion opened to members and some great ideas were bounced back and forth!
  • Provided input into the work of the Student Voice team in relation to improving academic representation and Student-Staff Committees.

Wellbeing, Community & Diversity Executive

  • Provided input into the work Alice Goode, VP Wellbeing & Diversity has been up to. This included increasing student awareness of Collectives, Wellness Wednesdays, and working with the Disability and Neurodivergent Services Group.
  • A check-in with all the Collectives to see how they’ve found their roles and what they hope to achieve in the new term.
  • Identified goals and provided input from Collectives for both LGBT+ History Month and Women’s History Month.
  • Honest reflections on how Collective Convenors found term one, useful feedback, and ideas were given on how to improve the Collectives and reach more students.

Societies, Sports & Opportunities Executive

  • Provided input into the work Alex Parry, VP Societies & Sport has been up to. This includes planning for Varsity and the Cultural & Faith Festival.
  • De-ratified the student groups: Blueprint Investment, Diplomatic, Gospel Choir and Refugee. Feedback was taken on board about student awareness of de-ratified groups.
  • Alex shared that both Colours and Societies Awards are returning in person! Members shared feedback on how the awards will be run this year. The future of the awards is also discussed and a wider review of awards is to be undertaken.
  • Reviewed the progress of groups that were ratified a year ago.

Across all three Executives, alongside their key work, they received an update on the current progress of the Freedom of Speech bill that is working its way through parliament. This included consultation on preliminary documents that are being drafted to support any changes.

All members were encouraged to get involved in the Student Voice Conference, a week of exciting events from 14-18 February.

Lastly, all members were encouraged to consider standing in the SU Elections and to reach out to the Officers and the Student Voice team to learn more about running.