Executives: What Have They Been Up To?

It's been a very busy month for the members of our first Executives, and our Officers have compiled a list updates on the exciting things they've been up to!

Previously we updated you on what was to come from the first Executives of the year. Earlier this month, academic reps, Collective convenors and student group members met with your VPs to discuss our work and what you think we should be doing.

As well as hearing updates from each of the Officers, they’ve already been doing some exciting things!

For more information about the Executives, you should check out their pages below.

What are the Executives?

What have they been up to?

Education Executive

  • Co-opted Kerryn Frean into the academic rep role of School of Performing and Digital Arts, making them a member of the Executive. Also approved the co-option of the BAME Student Collective Convenor (Jessica Okafor) to the Executive for the 2019-2020 academic year
  • Agreed on priorities for the year, including interdisciplinary activities and other important areas of work such as feedback, department communities, cross College communication, mental health education, diversification and civic education
  • Looked at the next actions to progress the BAME research project
  • Collaborated to understand the key beliefs of education
  • Agreed on a letter to be sent to David Ashton (Deputy Principal, Operations) requesting an update regarding the provisions for supporting students during the UCU strikes

Wellbeing, Community & Diversity Executive

  • Co-opted Milo Dack (Chair of Mental Health Network) to the Executive
  • Discussed the importance and risks of running a recreational drug use campaign
  • Received an update of activities from the Collectives. Some of these include planning exciting events for the end of Term One and Term Two, such as Trans Awareness Week and Disability Awareness Month (22 November – 22 December), preparing to run campaigns such engaging PGR students, anti-spiking and mental health from an international perspective
  • Discussed priorities for the year, such as knowing your rights, mental health education, sport for underrepresented groups and tackling hate speech on campus
  • Agreed on funding for Collectives
  • Collaborated on the development of the College Wellbeing Strategy
  • Looked at the next actions to progress the BAME research project
  • Collaborated to understand the key beliefs of equality, diversity and inclusion, which should include xenophobia, support for non-native English speakers, and intersectionality

Societies, Sports & Opportunities Executive

  • Ratified two new Student Groups, Pétanque and Lifting
  • Discussed priorities for the year, such as inclusion of smaller, off campus and new student groups. As well as student group sustainability and wellbeing and self-care
  • Approved a new process for ratification and de-ratification for student groups
  • Received a verbal update on student group funding, facility allocation and room booking processes and had a back and forth dialogue around these issues
  • Passed an updated socials policy and social media policy

Each of the groups also promoted students registering to vote for the coming 12 December General Election, which you need to do by next Tuesday 26 November.

Jack O'Neill // President

Kate Roberts // Vice President Education

Lucy Simpson // Vice President Welfare & Diversity

Sophia Bolton // Vice President Societies & Media

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport