Freshers' Festival: Volunteers Required

We're busy getting ready for Freshers' Festival, and we have a little favour to ask of our returning students...

What's The Craic?

We know what you're thinking, you’ve only been gone five minutes, if at all, and we're already asking you to do stuff for us – classic RHSU right? Bear with us.

As you can imagine, coordinating Freshers’ Festival takes a helluva lot of hard work, and you could be a part of it. We’re in need of some confident, friendly and fun volunteers to assist throughout the week and impart wisdom on the incoming freshers.

We’re also on the lookout for Volunteer Team Leaders, who’ll be key to coordinating our army of volunteers across Arrivals Weekend (21 - 22 September).

We know that Freshers' Festival is a big deal for every student, so if you need a bit more to twist your arm, here are our top four reasons why you should sign up to volunteer today:

1. Think about that (future) dolla

We’ll be upfront here: you’re a volunteer, so you won’t be paid. BUT in the world of graduate jobs and internships, the experience you gain from welcoming over 3000 people onto campus looks pretty good on the CV. And, if you become a Team Leader, you’ll have valuable experience in delegation, organisation and marketing an experience to new people. This really is an invaluable experience which is very attractive to potential employers. By volunteering, it shows you’re ready to go above and beyond to support a community and become a leader.

2. You'll make new friends

You’ll get to meet loads of like-minded people throughout Freshers’ Festival and you’ll make some great connections too! You’ll be interacting with all sorts of people, from parents to new students to departmental staff. Who knows where they will end up later in life, or what part they may play in your future? If you make a good impression, it might open up more opportunities for you in the future.

3. Make others feel great, and feel great yourself!

As a volunteer, you’ll be contributing to the experiences of the new students, creating memories that they may cherish forever. You might remember your first ever welcome to campus – that wouldn’t have been possible without all the volunteers who sign up. Aside from helping others, you’ll be a huge part of the Students' Union’s biggest annual event, which means a chance to get involved in all the fun events and activities we have to offer, from Petting Zoo to Colour Run!

4. Perks

This year, we are offering our volunteers rewards based on how many shifts they can help us with! More shifts = more perks.

Here's how we're breaking things down:

One shift: free t-shirt to wear while volunteering.

Two shifts: exclusive discounts on food at Tommy’s and a hoodie in the Union Shop + one shift benefits.

Three shifts: guestlist place for a Wednesday or Friday event during week two or three of term + one/two shift benefits.

Four shifts: £5 voucher reward which can be redeemed at Tommy's Kitchen, The Packhorse, Medicine or the Union Shop + one/two/three shift benefits.

I’m in

You can sign-up to be a volunteer through the link below. If you’re interested in becoming a Team Leader, tick the boxes on the form and we’ll be in touch!

If you have any questions, pop an email over to us.

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