Get Ready for Society Awards and Colours Ball 2022

Every year, the amount of hard work and dedication put in by our student groups is truly inspiring and we want to recognise that through our annual awards ceremonies. Whilst we launched Colours Ball last week, the Society Awards will now take place in term three. VP Societies & Sports, Alex Parry, explains why we've changed the date.

Every year, the amount of hard work and dedication put in by our student groups is truly inspiring and we want to recognise that through our annual awards ceremonies.

We run two separate awards, one to celebrate the achievements of sports clubs called Colours Ball, and another aimed at societies, our Society Awards. After having to run the ceremonies virtually last year, we are so excited to be able to run these balls back in person - hopefully, better than ever!

Some of you may remember that we used to hold the Society Awards and Colours Ball in term two, however, we have pushed Society Awards back to Thursday 26 May. Colours Ball is set to take place on Friday 4 March at the De Vere Beaumont Estate. Last Wednesday, we launched Colours Ball tickets, which have already completely sold out!

Why move Society Awards?

The Society Awards ceremony is delivered in-house, therefore, it requires a lot of coordination across multiple staff teams within the Union. After the pandemic, our staff teams simply cannot sustain having to run multiple awards ceremonies alongside all our other events and student group performances going on within the Students' Union at the end of term two. This is also why we go to an external venue for Colours, to take that pressure off our staff team. Previously, this was how Society Awards was run, but due to a lack of demand and disinterest from a range of our groups, we worked on a new solution to cater to as many as possible considering the limitations that exist.

Society Awards will take place at the end of term three, to ensure all society members can attend without interrupting a busy exam schedule. We are also going to put other measures in place from the feedback from members of the Societies, Sports & Opportunities Executive, such as opening nominations for a longer period to take away any added stress during the exam season. A big plus for this solution is that the awards will now be a reflection and celebration of the entire academic year, whereas in the past we have always lost out on the activity in term three.

How do awards work?

The first step is submitting your nomination! All nominations should be submitted online using the official forms; you can put yourself or your group forward for as many awards as you feel necessary! You can submit them as an individual, or as a group, and your nomination could be for yourself, other members or a group depending on the award. We always recommend you meet as a group to decide collectively what awards you want to go for, then you can go away and write up the nominations in whatever way works best for your group. To give you a hand, we've put together our top tips for writing nominations.

For Colours Ball, nominations are open now! The deadline for submissions is 13 February at 23:59 so it's really important you submit your nominations before that date. We'll be releasing more information about how to make your nominations for the Society Awards very soon.

Submit Awards Nominations

Once the submission date has passed, a selected panel goes through all the nominations. The panel will be slightly different for Colours Ball and Society Awards, but it will predominantly consist of myself, SU staff members and a student representative from the SSO Executive. Once the panel has met and decided on the award winners, there's nothing left to do except enjoy the awards ceremonies and celebrate your own and each other's successes for the year!

We are also going to be reviewing the future of awards ceremonies very soon, and we really want student feedback, so please stay tuned if you want to take part!