Give Feedback as a Student Group

VP Societies & Sport, Alex, has been working hard on his manifesto aim to make sure our student groups feel listened to and supported. Read this blog on a new way committee members can give feedback to our Student Opportunities team.


I am so happy to announce that I have achieved one of my main manifesto aims in providing End of Term Reviews!

I not only wanted to be able to amplify and listen to more voices, but I also wanted to be able to act on them - introducing End of Term Reviews for committee members allows exactly that. It will allow us at the SU to get a better understanding of common trends and issues, as well as providing a space for committee members to put forward any ideas on how we can improve moving forward! It is always really important to listen to everyone and to get as much feedback as possible which is why I am so excited to be able to roll them out at the earliest point possible!

For this term, we will be sending the questionnaire out to all groups for their feedback! In term two, the Student Opportunities team and I will be looking at creating a form you can share with your members so you can also get feedback on how to grow and improve your group.

Keep an eye out for more information next term. It will be really useful for the groups to send out the feedback forms for the development of the group, as well as being able to again amplify every student's voice so they are being heard!

Give us your feedback