Great Wins Of Term One

It's been a great and very important term here at the Students' Union, and we want to tell you all about the amazing things that we've been doing alongside you!

Term One was incredible! We witnessed the madness of Freshers’ Festival, the start of lectures, tons of awesome SU nights and so much more over the last 12 weeks.

As we brace ourselves for 2020, it’s now a good time to reflect on Term One’s best moments and greatest achievements.

Collectives and Executives

The introduction of Collectives this term has been a real success, the initiative was set up to help give underrepresented communities on campus a platform to campaign, network and more importantly implement change. They’re warming up for some awesome things coming up in Term Two, but so far they’ve hosted a disability Brexit event, have campaigned dressed up as suffragettes to get students to register to vote and have even hosted a Trans awareness week!

Student Executives also started this term and they’ve already had a great impact by supporting the Sabbatical Officers to ensure that SU campaigns are being carried out effectively. Some great achievements include looking at the next actions to progress the BAME research project, collaborating on the development of the College Wellbeing Strategy and approving a new process or ratification and de-ratification for student groups. You can get the full update here.

Increasing Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is something that you as students overwhelmingly supported, so this term, we’ve tried to make sure that lecture capture becomes a widespread practice.

So far it’s been a great success, as we’ve been able to achieve a whopping 55% of lecture sessions recorded! However, we will keep fighting to continue to increase that number!  

SU Night ft. YOU!

You may have noticed that we’ve revamped the SU takeover process this term to help more student groups than ever have the opportunity to feature during some SU nights at Medicine. So far, these events have been super quirky and most importantly, much more diverse!

Representing your academic interests

VP Education Kate Roberts has been very busy this term focusing on making students aware of their academic rights. She has written a mini-series of blogs to help you understand what you should expect from your academic experience. There are blogs on various different topics, including personal tutors, using the library, attendance, extensions, misconduct panels and feedback. You can check these out below!

Student Rights Hub

Find a buddy!

Our Give It A Go programme is host to tons of wonderful events each term that hundreds of students get involved with. Some of the most popular events are our day trips to different parts of the UK.

While it's easy to meet new people and make great friends during most of the GIAG events, an entire day trip outside of London might feel a bit daunting if you're travelling solo. So that's why this term we introduced the Buddy Scheme! If you'd like to come to one of our day trips but you don't really want to do so by yourself, you'll be able to fill out a form to request a 'buddy'.

Find a buddy

Great changes at our GP Surgery

There have been big changes to the GP Surgery this term! Not only has it been refurbished, but it now also now offers STI testing without having to travel all the way to Slough!

Providing careers support

Earlier this term, President Jack O’Neill made a policy inquiry into careers support at Royal Holloway, since then he’s carried out internal and external research as well as hosted a deliberative event so that we could get your thoughts on this issue.

We are very excited about the possibilities that we can all achieve with this policy area!

Read all about this

BAME Inclusive Student Experience Survey

As part of our campaign to improve the experience of BAME students on campus, we asked them to complete a survey to help ensure that recommendations put forward will be beneficial! We’re very excited to start looking into the results and move forward with this!

Housing Fair

On Monday 25 November, we held a Housing Fair in the SU where 617 students attended to get some information about their housing options for next year.

This was a real highlight of Term One, and it was amazing to see so many students engaging with local landlords, estate agents and our amazing team of advisors. It was a great opportunity for students to see what properties are on the market and start the process of house-hunting. If you didn’t make it to the fair, you can check out everything you need to know here.  

Rep Impact Update

It’s been a wild term at the SU for your academic reps, who have very been busy making your voice heard on campus. They’ve made some incredible changes like setting up a programme for students to shadow researchers, discussing timetable issues, improving the quality of online resources for their class and so much more!

You can check the rep impact update here.

Elections, elections, elections!

And of course, it wouldn’t be a complete Term One if it weren’t for the launch of SU Elections! If you want to become the change you want to see in Royal Holloway, then you can run to become a full time Sabbatical Officer in the 2020/21 SU Elections. Nominate yourself below!

Stand for elections

We can’t wait to share all of our upcoming projects for Term Two. But for now, enjoy an incredibly well-deserved break and see you all in the new year!