Have Your Say On Your Academic Experience

Here at the Students' Union, our mission is to make student life better. One of the ways we do this is by representing your academic interests. This means that we drive educational change at a university level, based on what you tell us about what’s happening and what you want.

In this article, we’ll give you a heads up about how it all works, why your feedback is crucial, and how you can find your academic rep! 

What feedback can I give?

Feedback is, essentially, anything you say about your student experience. What you have to say is super important to make sure that the University continues to work for you. Your feedback will improve your learning and teaching, help everyone involved in providing your education to learn about what works, and give you the best educational experience possible.

Anything from a ‘like’ react on an MS Teams post to an in-depth survey response counts – your reps want to hear what you have to say, however you choose to say it!

How will my feedback make an impact?

In the past, your feedback has led to things like deadlines being extended, new academic societies being founded and class sizes being made smaller, among loads of other fantastic impacts.

Whether they’re teaming up with their department rep to talk to a lecturer or suggesting an addition to the curriculum, reps have been specially trained to consider your feedback and use it to shape your educational experience in the most effective way possible. It’s not only the areas for improvement that reps want to hear about – it’s the good things too, so your department can keep doing the things that are working well for you!

How does the academic rep system work?

The academic rep system works at four levels – course, department, school, and the VP Education – with student feedback ‘cascading’ upwards to shape discussions at the highest level of the University.

Student feedback has led to changes such as the BAME Student Voice Report, with its recommendations being discussed and implemented at the University committee meetings, the feedback policy that outlines how every department should be giving you feedback on your work, and the recent Student Insight Report on digital education that has informed the planning for your new mode of learning.

The academic representation system is a partnership, which means that the University, the SU, and the reps all work together to make sure the system is a success. A special agreement exists to outline the nature of the partnership and the responsibilities of everyone involved – you can read it on the Resources page of the Rep Hub, but it essentially ensures that everybody is on the same page when it comes to how the system works and exists to assure you that academic representation is a vital part of how decisions are made at the University.

The feedback you give to academic reps is essential to make sure the system works effectively. It truly shapes your academic experience and makes your student life better.

Sounds good, right? You can find your academic rep using the find my rep function below – just type in your course, and then you can find your rep on MS Teams or in your email address book to share your thoughts!

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