Housing Tips For Spring Term

Second term has the potential to be just as amazing as any other, but it can also bring plenty of challenges with it, especially when it comes to housing. That’s why our Advice Centre is on hand to give you free expert advice on any housing matters that might arise.

What do a large duck and a sizeable house have in common? Big Bills.

As the cold starts to bite, your energy bills will be going up.  If you receive a big bill that you can’t pay straight away, contact the service provider and ask them to split the bill into smaller chunks for you – most are flexible, so don’t be afraid!  Just make sure you don’t ignore bills your bills, since they don’t just go away. You can incur some serious fines and your bills will keep piling up.  If you are finding it all overwhelming, you can get support from Financial Wellbeing, who offer help with budgeting and debt advice- just ask them for an appointment by emailing moneymatters@royalholloway.ac.uk.

Breaking the Mould

Have you come back from your Christmas break to find that your landlord or estate agents haven’t completed promised repairs?  Are there problems with damp/mould, heating or plumbing in your house?  Now that it’s winter, your agent/landlord has a responsibility to deal with such serious problems straight away.  If they are taking too long to take action, email advice@su.rhul.ac.uk and request an appointment at our Advice Centre straight away.  We can also help you put in formal complaints, request rent refunds and checking that your deposit was protected by your landlord as required by law.

Trouble in “Paradise”

Living with your friends can sometimes bring out some uncomfortable qualities, especially if you haven’t lived together before. Whether you can’t stand how noisy your housemate is, or you just can’t get over bathroom disputes, you shouldn’t have to be unhappy in your own home.  Before your housemate problems get out of control (or after, if it’s past that!), get in touch with the Housing Advisor to get some tips about how to proceed - we can support you with options such as mediation, tenancy swaps etc.  Email advice@su.rhul.ac.uk to request an appointment.