Humpit: A Hummus & Pita Bar At The SU!

Humpit is making its way to the SU from September to make all your hummus dreams come true! So get your tummies ready for this delicious new addition.

All your hummus dreams are coming true on 20 September! We’ll be launching Humpit, the hummus and pita bar that has become incredibly popular in universities all over the country.

That’s humm-azing!

Humpit offers delicious fresh ingredients for a healthy plant based meal – and at awesome prices!

And the best thing? You can customise what you have, so no unwanted surprises. If you’re stuck in between lectures, working at the library, or you’re just in search of some good food, Humpit will be the perfect option for you.

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During the rest of the summer holidays, we’ll be working on changing one entire side of Tommy’s Kitchen to turn it into Humpit. The bar will open on 20 September and will offer some great deals to suit every student:

  • Filled Pita (with hummus, falafel & salad): £5
  • Humpit Salad (bowl of premium salad, hummus & falafel): £5.50
  • Hummus Bowl (with whole chickpeas, falafel & pita): £5
  • Shakshuka (warm tomato base with aubergine, fava beans, tahini & pita): £6

Along with these deals known as “The Big Four”, you’ll also be able to enjoy other smaller bites like cauliflower, sweet potato fries and falafel.

We can’t wait for you to see what’s cookin’!

For more information about who they are, make sure you check their website here.