Improvements For Student Groups

As you’re all aware, there’s a lot of change happening in the Students’ Union at the minute – but it doesn’t just stop at democracy.

Dom and I have been working hard alongside the Student Opportunities team to get the ball rolling on some exciting changes for student groups, to make your lives easier, and student group admin more effective!

What Are The Changes?

Student Group Funding

Let’s face it, the grant allocation process was the bane of summer holidays – it was long and arduous. We asked you for a load of documents and didn’t really provide you with too much guidance or information about where you might get the money from.

The good news is, that’s all changing! This year, we’ve created a concise Google sheet to directly link to your account – this should be much easier to navigate, and it means that you can keep track of all your documentation in one place! Alongside this, we’ll be providing a guidance document with top tips for the funding process, and more detailed information on the rationale for our funding changes – this will mean the whole process is made more transparent and accessible for student groups.


Communication is key, and we know this – that’s why over the last two terms, we’ve been working on how to make our communication with you more effective.

Writing an email is dull, and you have no idea when it will be picked up and responded to – frustrating, huh? To combat this, we’ve introduced a new interactive portal which will help you find key information much more easily. Additionally, this portal makes use of a ticket function – this in essence means that the minute you hit send, your query will go directly to the right person. This means there will be quicker responses, and happier communications all round.

Even better than that is that we will have the capability to show you where the ticket is on your query journey, letting you know who is helping, if we’re waiting on a third party, or if you might need to respond. This should help us enormously in our end goal of running on a three working day response rate for queries across the system!

By using this portal, we are looking to move away from the culture of the dreaded ‘Student Opportunities Inbox’ – you’ll still be able to email the inbox if you so desire, but you will get a much slower response rate. Still a little confused? Don’t worry! We will be training up all new committee members on the system at Group Training on Monday 10 June, with the system launching on the following Monday 17 June.  

"I think the system will have a hugely positive effect on student groups next academic year. It will clearly be way more efficient for both staff and students" - Student Group Member 

Document Review

We are now going through the process of updating, reviewing and changing our processes internally – making things slicker for us, but also by extension you guys!

The focus of this review is to limit the amount of documents we have, and to make things easier and more fun to read, by toning down our language and making it all a little more informal. Time for a big cheer “goodbye to bureaucracy”. Tied into this, we have been doing more internal staff training – this is to ensure that more of the right people are ready and able to help you when necessary!

This is really just the tip of the iceberg of everything that’s happening, but we wanted to make sure we’re keeping you in the loop, and we hope you’re excited to see the end results!

Holly Hughes // Vice President Societies & Media

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport