Law Soc's Incredible Achievements!

After becoming the winners of the new Student Group Recognition Award, Law Soc President Charlie Brook tells us more about some of their amazing achievements!

After becoming the first winners of the Student Group Recognition Award, Law Soc President Charlie Brook gives us the details on some of their great achievements!

During Term One, at Law Soc we were proud to run a huge range of events, training, socials and competitions for our members. From our first welcome brunch in Freshers’ Week to our interviewing and negotiations competitions at the end of Term One, we’ve seen more people than ever before getting involved.

How do we help our members?

As a Law Society, we work hard to provide our members with as many opportunities to develop their careers in the law. In Term One, we’ve welcomed a variety of guest speakers to come and speak to our students about their legal careers and how they got there. We’ve had representatives from University of Law and BPP to talk about the valuable skills, such as commercial awareness, interviewing, and the LPC. This has helped our members prepare themselves for whichever careers they want to pursue.

We also help them decide which career that might be, by inviting in a range of professionals to talk through their journey. In October, we warmly welcomed two barristers who gave us a valuable insight into what a career at the bar is like. A big part of our role is to provide our members with the skills they’ll need in a legal career, and this is why we run our mooting, negotiation and interviewing training.

Some great achievements! 

Mooting has got off to a great start, and we can’t wait to see the first round of our mooting competition get going this January. Our negotiation competition took place in December, and after an incredibly close competition, we saw Yasmin Ilhan and Olivia Smith take first place. A few weeks earlier, three teams represented Royal Holloway in the Surrey Client Interviewing Competition, going head to head with our University of Law and our rivals, University of Surrey. Our teams all performed brilliantly, with Olivia and Anna leading Royal Holloway into first place. It’s been great to see so much outstanding on display and we can’t wait to see this continue into next term when the national competitions begin!

What about the fun?

It’s not all work and no play at the Law Society; we also keep our members entertained with our socials. Our introductory social had the highest turnout of any social in our history, with so many people getting to know each other and enjoying a welcome brunch to begin the academic year.

Come In Your Socs was also a huge success, our members attempted a “Prison Break” from the committee guards. Finally, we rounded out the year in style, with our busiest christmas dinner ever at The Crown in Egham, we tucked into our roast turkeys and celebrated the festive period.

As Term Two begins, keep an eye out for news of more events, including our first ever Law Ball, which we’ll be sharing with you all soon!

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped make this last term so successful, from our wonderful committee to our fantastic members, thank you for the support.

Bring on 2020!

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Charlie Brook // Law Society President