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A society dedicated to helping all students, regardless of their degree, to develop and fulfill their law aspirations. We aim to provide a platform on which any student can explore their passion for the law, enhance their legal skills, and strive towards their dream career.

Throughout the year we host a wide range of events, ranging from networking sessions, career talks, legal debates, and much more. In order for our students to develop their skills, our various activities officers organise a range of opportunities which focus on specific legal skills. From public advocacy in Mooting and Mock Court, to intimate conversational and teamwork skills in Negotiation and Client Interviewing, we provide the chance to improve them through a series of training sessions.

It's not all law; we hold social events a pub crawl around Egham, or our annual dinners, you can be sure there'll always be a way for you to take a break from your studies and have a little fun.


Law Society membership is £7 per year. society can pay for traveling to external competition venues. Also by end of term, we host internal competitions where we buy presents for the winner of the competitions.benefits of joining the society, cheap social events, meeting like-minded people.

Events and Activities

Training sessions

  1. Mooting
  2. Client interview
  3. Negotiation
  4. mock court trails

The above training sessions will be via zoom for the first term depending on COVID-19. Depending on student numbers participating in each session, it can be held in person keeping the social distance measures. Our social events will be pub quizzes or online quizzes. during freshers week we will organise outdoor afternoon social gatherings where fresher can meet the returning students. and tester sessions will be online via zoom.

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  • Law Standard Membership (Full Year)£18.00
  • Law Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£12.00
Client Interview Officer
Sana Abdullah
Mooting Officer
Lauren Skinner
Tarandeep Hira
Adila Mohammad Hilmi
Social Secretary
Zinya Ari
Monika Tsvetanova
Vice President
Noorshad Sarwar