Leadership Elections: Meet the Candidates

It’s finally time to announce the official candidate shortlist for this year’s Leadership Elections!

It’s finally time to announce the official candidate shortlist for this year’s Leadership Elections!

Our candidates are striving to drive change and make a difference by being the voice of students on campus, and they will soon be campaigning to secure your vote for our four full-time Sabbatical Officer roles, as well as our part-time School Rep and Community Officer positions.

Meet the Candidates


  • Jaswanth Kumar Thummala
  • Muscab Salad
  • Nidhinraj Kurumthottathil
  • Nisha Bundhun
  • Sharanya Sivarajah

Vice President Education

  • Abijeet Sansoy
  • Madelaine Gray
  • Nicole Phan
  • Opeyemi Akinboboye
  • Tannin Jeffrey

Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity

  • Emily Douglass
  • Grace Hagon
  • Livi-Mae Davies
  • Nathaniel McShane
  • Rahul Kapur
  • Sajjia Zahra
  • Shaun D'Mello

Vice President Societies & Sport

  • Anna Prince
  • Bana Asqalan
  • Charlie Kerr
  • Harrison Clinton
  • James Chung
  • Luca Smith

School Rep (Business & Management)

  • Adetunji Hazan Adekomi
  • Elise Eriksson

School Rep (Engineering, Physical & Mathematical Sciences)

  • William Coote

School Rep (Humanities)

  • Mia Cavanagh

School Rep (Law & Social Sciences)

  • Oliver Case

School Rep (Life Sciences & the Environment)

  • Allison Pizzo
  • Dominika Biel

School Rep (Performing & Digital Arts)

  • Ewan Strangeways

Commuting Students Community Officer

  • Yash Chavda

International Students Community Officer

  • Ajit Sharma
  • Anna Drushlyakova
  • Farha Rayammarakkarveettil Fysal
  • Shaun D'Mello
  • Tom Halsey

LGBTQ+ Students Community Officer

  • Mohan Dave

Students of Faith Community Officer

  • Naomi Tchesse

Women Students Community Officer

  • Grace Ashton
  • Jennifer Ford
  • Poppy Coates
  • Sofia Dar

*No nominations were submitted for Mature, Carers & Parent Students Community Officer, PGR Students Community Officer, Black & Global Majority Students Community Officer and Disabled Students Community Officer so these roles will be part of our by-election in May. 


Every position within the election also has a candidate listed as re-open nominations, or R.O.N. for short. This role is a way for you to declare that you don't feel any of the candidates would be fit for office and that you instead feel nominations should be re-opened at a later date to allow new candidates to come forward.

Read the candidate manifestos

Cast your vote

Voting opens at 10am on Tuesday 5 March, and closes on Thursday 7 March at 2pm, with the eagerly anticipated Results Night taking place on Friday 8 March t at Medicine, as you find out who you’ve chosen to lead the Students’ Union in 2024/25.