Lecture Capture Success

Find out how our drive for lecture capture saw a whopping 46 percentage point increase in the number of lectures recorded in term one, and what's next as we continue to lobby for a coherent and extensive policy to encourage wider adoption.

Lecture capture is a hot topic for students at Royal Holloway and has been for some time, which is why over the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to represent your academic interests and get those lectures captured!

In our previous survey conducted last year, 98% of you said you would benefit from having lecture capture available. The lobbying agenda for lecture capture has come directly from you and has become a key example of students becoming involved and committed to your academic interests.

Why is it important?

For years, lecture capture was the one consistent theme coming through Staff-Student Committees and at Academic Rep Conference last year, it was the topic on everyone’s tongues (it may even have been mentioned more times than Brexit). We launched a big drive to understand the current situation and put the issue firmly on the agenda of the University – and you got us there.

98% of students surveyed said that they would benefit from having lecture capture and the reasons were extensive – from simply using it as a resource to further study, to covering unexpected absences such as your child being ill, it was clear that this study support mechanism was something that affected all students.

What has been accomplished?

Driving an institution-wide campaign on an issue is one thing, delivering on the promise is another. Throughout the summer, we worked closely with numerous people across the University to ensure that the equipment was reliable, that staff were engaged and knew how to use the software properly, and so that alternatives were considered when lecture capture wasn’t suitable.

This resulted in a first week that saw hundreds of lectures recorded – we waited in anticipation like White House staff in the Situation Room, waiting for hiccups or a lack of uptake from staff. Eventually, the first term saw an incredible increase to 55% of lectures recorded, last year this was only 9%!

But what is the impact of this? For every lecture that is now recorded, that means multiple students who don’t need to panic about missing out on academic content when their car breaks down, or when an urgent medical appointment is required, or when they simply couldn’t keep up with the stream of information in a lecture. Thanks to the continuous campaigning of students like yourself, we were able to effectively represent the academic interests of students at Royal Holloway and provide impactful change!

What happens next?

This year, we have been reaching out to academic reps to monitor the progress of lecture capture uptake – getting the statistics in is a wonderful way to measure the usage, but we also want to hear about how it is impacting your experience!

Within this, it has become clear that those not receiving the experience of lecture capture would still benefit from this, and rightfully want a solution – we hear you! This term our attention has now shifted to lobbying for a coherent and extensive policy to encourage wider adoption of lecture capture and iron out any concerns academic staff may have. As we work on this throughout the term we will be providing you with regular updates. It is also very important to us that where lecture capture isn’t appropriate, you are still provided with an alternative such as a podcast or transcript - we are hoping that this will form a key part of the new policy.

Thank you for using your voice to support this issue over the last year or two, it’s great to reflect on how far we have come and look towards the final stage of this project!

Kate Roberts // Vice President Education