Meet Your School Reps: Tanya Solomon

School Reps play a key role in improving students’ academic experience, working hard to make sure your ideas and concerns are heard at the highest level. If you're from the School of Law & Social Sciences, make sure you get to know your School Rep, Tanya Solomon.

Tell us about yourself

Hello! My name is Tanya Solomon and I am a third-year student studying Philosophy, Politics and International Relations. My representative journey started in my first year when I first got involved with the programme and I became a first-year joint honours representative for Philosophy. Then during my second year, I became the Department Rep for Philosophy too.

I’ve loved every step of this experience because it means I can involve myself in real change to my degree. Alongside this, I am also the President of the on-campus Rock and Metal Society, so it is good to know that though these roles are important, they leave you more than enough room to still have a social life and engage with all the fun stuff on campus.

What made you want to become a School Rep?

My motivation for running as school rep came from working alongside the other reps throughout my years in the department and wanting to continue their positive impact when they stood down. I wish to continue the efforts that I’ve already put in, and make sure that my ideas come to fruition.

Which part of your manifesto are you most excited about?

My main goals as representative this year are simple: to maintain constant communication between department and student, and to make sure we are constantly pushing to improve based on this feedback. While working with groups across the College, I found there have been too many times where decisions have been made on behalf of students, where no student voice was present to maintain accountability. I myself consider it my responsibility to give my time to be in these meetings, to make sure that if a meeting is about student life and how it will be affected, then students are always involved.

What are you most looking forward to this coming academic year?

Your voices as students are the most valuable resource at this university, and if we work together alongside the departmental heads, we can maintain that the entire course and school is founded on these ideals.